Friday November 2nd, Friends!

So we are recovered from Bieber Fever, but we managed to sleep until 8:10am this morning!  Talk about jumping out of bed and getting ready in a flash...that is what my girls did this morning AND they didn't even fuss at me for oversleeping AGAIN!!  They also made it to school on time and had a great day; well, Madison's day got better after I got her backpack from Daddy's trunk at his office and then dropped off at school.  I think we are ready for some serious downtime since we've been oversleeping a lot lately and that is an exciting part of not going to St. Jude every day.

While we were at Daddy's office, we managed to pick up 5 boxes of shirts!!!  Even more exciting than having the 5 boxes was having 3 gals come over to help sort, fold, and count all the shirts.  I just knew that it was going to take me all day and that it would just be awful if I was doing it by myself with Ingram running around the house.  Instead of the terrible time that I though it would be, I had a blast with the girls and we talked about all sorts of interesting things while we worked on the shirts.  Ingram even had his buddy Harrison to paint, watch tv, and play with while we worked in the other room.  We also organized and refolded all the other shirts that were in the office which would have probably have taken me all night.  I'm so thankful for not having to sort close to 500 shirts all by myself!!

Once the girls were home from school and Daddy was home from work, we decided that it was time for a family movie night to help get these little monkeys rested without them knowing it.  We watched Madagascar 3 with the kids and then when the kids went to bed, we watched another movie.  I honestly tried to remember the last time we stayed up late watching a movie.  Normally, there are so many things to do that we stay up way to late getting them done that we crash into the bed.  It was kind of nice to choose to stay up late just to watch a movie! 

Of course putting the kids in bed between the two movies wasn't very easy because Ingram was not happy about not sleeping with Mommy or Daddy.  He still wants to sleep in our room but is starting to figure out that he is supposed to sleep in his room; the only kink in the new system is that he wants to have someone sleep with him and tonight it was Madison since Lindsey was coughing a little too much to be in the bed with him.  She was so sweet and put up with a lot of fussing and crying before he finally conked out; once he did, she picked up her book and read a few chapters until she fell asleep too. 

Suzanne, Denise, And Kristen Kept Me Laughing While We Folded, Sorted, And Stacked All Of Our Ingram Shirts!
We've Got Plenty To Sell And Proceeds Go Straight To St. Jude!

Harrison And Ingram Were Too Busy To Smile For The Camera!
There Were Too Many Fish To Catch And To Many Pictures To Draw!

It Was Such A Pretty Day That We Had To Go For A Walk...Right After That Stinky Beau Got A Bath!
In Case You Can't Tell, The Red Power Ranger Came Over Today!

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