Saturday November 17th, Whirling All Around Town!!

Okay, so after our crazy few days this week and getting our schedule rearranged for our New York trip, you'd think we'd have a little down time this weekend!  Nope, no down time at all for the Dismuke crew!  Craig and Ingram headed down to St. Jude to speak to the ALSAC Board of Directors at 7am this morning.  Madison and Lindsey had a major soccer tournament this weekend that both of their teams were playing in also starting at 7am this morning!  I bet I woke up every half hour thinking I was going to over sleep and then we'd all be out of sorts for the start to the weekend. 

Lindsey's first of three games started and her foot was once again on FIRE!!  Her team did great and won their first round game of the tournament at Mike Rose Soccer Complex and it was fantastic.  She scored two goals in the first half and another one in the second half.  The celebrating for team was short lived since we had to head over to Madison's field next after a quick kid trade with Daddy.  They were back out in Germantown and Ingram wanted to come play at the fields so he and Lindsey switched.  Next up Madison's first of three games and it was ugly!  They ended up playing a travel team that normally play 11v11 so our game was like a warm up game for them.  Madison hung in the goal like a pro even though she was getting pounded by girls twice her size and several time knocked around by two to three players at a time as she would dive straight for the ball once it got in her box.  She may be small, but she sure is mighty when it comes to emotional playing; she just about had fire and smoke coming out of her ears!!!

The next two games of the day were flip flops with Lindsey's team losing and Madison's team winning.  We ran into several families that we knew there since it was a huge tournament and even the Rooker family got to see the girls play since their daughter was playing too.  Ingram took turns playing with Mr. Brent while Alden was playing her game and then played with Alden during Lindsey's game.  Ingram had fun playing with Morgan (in Madsion's grade at school) and of course Collin while we were at the fields ALL day!  With a tiny break in the schedule, we were able to squeeze in a short nap for Ingram thanks to the Whelan family for carting Madison around before her last game.  The rest of Saturday night was spent running errands to get ready to leave first thing Sunday morning for New York and then staying up way too late to pack and get things at the house ready for Craig and the girls.  All three of the kids slept together in the girls room and Ingram even told each one that they could have something of his so that they wouldn't miss him while he was gone.

Lindsey's Team Was Playing So Well That The Opposing Player Didn't Realize
What Was Happening Until The Ball Was Through Her Legs!

Have You Ever Played Soccer In A Pair Of Dress Pants, A Button Down Shirt, A Sweater, And Clarks?
Apparently It Didn't Stop Ingram!!

Madison Taking Control Of Her Goal!!

Ingram And Alden Chilling Out During Lindsey's Game!

Ingram Decided To Rearrange Brent's Hat While They Were Playing!

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