Wednesday November 14th, A "Nothing" Kind Of Day!

Today we had absolutely nothing that we had to do and it was absolutely GREAT!!  Wait a minute, I take that back...We had to take Lindsey to school because when the bus got here, she still hadn't found her shoes that she wanted to wear today.  She couldn't just grab any pair of shoes because that would not have matched her outfit.  Apparently her shoes were in the first spot that I looked but I didn't look hard enough; oh and the best part was that Lindsey was grinning the whole time we were looking for her shoes.  But then again, Lindsey smiles just about all the time, unless she's hungry that is!  So after we dropped her off at school, we had absolutely nothing to do and it was 100 GREAT!!

Ingram decided while we were in the car that we needed to get some hashbrowns for him to eat for breakfast.  I was already leaning towards getting some hot chocolate so off we went for some hashbrowns, hot chocolate, and a Diet Dr. Pepper since I couldn't decided between a hot or cold drink.  Beau was with us too because he LOVES watching the kids at school on the rare days when I drive the girls, but he didn't try to eat the hashbrowns until Ingram dropped it on the floor.  Ingram stayed in his pajamas as we played in his room and watched cartoons throughout the day.  He was super excited because he didn't have to take a nap today and went to bed at 7:30 instead during the midst of homework with the girls. 

So we're exhasuted over here most of the time and I've been made fun of over a month for my voice coming and going; everyone has been telling me to rest more and I've been trying to get a little more rest every now and then.  My only other symptoms that Craig tells me I have is that I forget things all the time now...tests for the kids at school, times for practice, laundry at the cleaners, etc.  This week Craig was off work on Monday and he went to bed at 8:40pm last night with Ingram so I'm thinking he should be well rested and thinking straight.  Craig decided at some point tonight that it was Thursday and he put out our trash cans for Friday collection.  I went by the front door and saw the cans sitting out there and asked him why he put them out tonight and he said "Tomorrow's trash day."  I started to laugh at him and told him that it's only Wednesday and then he started laughing too;  he now had figured out why our neighbor Adrian Martin was looking at him a little funny tonight! 

Hashbrowns For Breakfast Anyone??

Craig Wanted To Go Ahead And End His Week So He Turned Today Into Thursday!
I Don't Think The City Of Germantown Would Appreciate Trash Cans
Sitting Out On the Curb For Two Days! 

Sweet Ally Martin From Next Door Was So Excited To Show Us Where
They Found Ingram's Picture In The Magazine! 
She's In Her Pajamas And Is Sporting Her Team Ingram Shirt!

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