Friday November 9th, Firetrucks To Footballs!

Our morning started out fun, shipping packages of t-shirts at the post office and Ingram was a great helper.  He likes to hold the lid open for us to drop the packages down the hatch and then let it slam shut and make a huge noise!  Next door to the post office is the fire station so we just HAD to go over there.  One of the trucks was pulling out and we got to see it rolling down the street all clean and shiney.  We climbed up the hill and went inside the Central Fire Station and met all the guys and had so much fun climbing in and around the fire truck.  Ingram even got to turn on the lights but the noise was a little too much for him so we left the sirens alone.  They had just gotten back from a training exercise and also have 39 new Germantown Fire Fighters that just graduated from their training program.  We love having the best of Community Heroes right here in town with us!  Of course, their new Fire Chief, Shorty the Dinosaur, was all too excited to give out dukes and fives and even hand shakes!

After our excitement we headed to Costco for a few things and the new Fire Chief was all to excited to be in charge and told me where to park, where to turn the buggy, and even what to put in our basket to buy.  When we were all done, he asked for 100 dollars and so I gave him 2 dollars and watched him over to the snack bar where he waited in line by himself and then ordered a snack just like the girls do.  The guy at Costco working the counter at first didn't understand what he was saying then Ingram repeated it and he knew exactly what he was talking about.  One berry smoothie with two straws coming right up!

We mentioned earlier in the week that we were invited to the ECS Football game to watch Brent Rooker as he played in a Championship Football Game.  We went and sat with the Rooker family and had soooo much fun despite the cold temperature!  The kids were all over the place and all three of them had fun blowing the vuvuzela for Brent just about the whole game.  ECS won 42-0 and Brent was great.  Craig said he was kind of like a skinny version of Tebow who could throw the ball a little better.  Afterwards, the kids joined in with everyone else and rushed onto the field and played for on the field for at least 30 minutes.  It was constant running and tackling and kicking; and the cold weather didn't seem to bother them at all!  And Brent was great with the kids.  He seems to genuinely care about Ingram and that's really cool for a young man with so much else going on in his life.

We have a few fundraising updates...Ingram's Cards closed out the month of October and donated $1260 in profits to St. Jude in honor of Ingram.  Thanks to all of you who ordered stationary from Jane Tosh, my Chi Omega little sister, and helped to raise awareness about childhood cancer.  Also our local bank, Bank Tennessee-Schilling Farms branch, held a bake sale along with "Ingram" bands today and raised $456.80 that has already been donated into the girls Kids Conquering Cancer account that will go to St. Jude next week!  Also the Marathon Weekend is getting closer and the girls are up to over $165,000 between the two of them for donations and we have several donations that are being processed...Woohoo!!!  Their unofficial goal is to reach $200,000 by the marathon on December 1st and it's exciting to watch them do what they can to help fight this disease that has put Ingram through so much in these past seven months.  If you want to donate, the address is

Please remember our sweet friend Cole Christensen and his family in your prayers.  He's one of Ingram's buddies and has been home with hospice after an MRI on August 24th showed new tumor growth after finishing treatment a couple months earlier.  His parents, Chris and Amy, have said that his symptoms are starting to be worse but that he is still not in any pain.  Keeping him pain free and enjoying time with their family and friends is their main goal.  They have a page on Facebook called "Team MiraCole" if you want to follow them and pray for them in this part of their journey.  We had the priviledge of playing with them while Ingram and Cole went through radiation together at St. Jude. 

The Newest Fire Chief At The Germantown Central Fire Station!

"I Want The Red Stuff Peas!"
Brent, #19, Is The Quarterback Of The Eagles And Led The Team To A
 42-0 Victory Over The Fayette Academy Vikings!
Ingram Finally Squeezed His Head Into Brent's Helmet! 
I'm Not Too Sure About A Football Career For Ingram Myself, But Craig Sure Was Excited About It!

Ingram And Brent!

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  1. Fun times for Ingram and that is great. Cole is on prayer list...
    Ingram might like to see our little baby donkey and goat on our blog!