Thursday November 15th, Preschool!!

Wow! I actually did it. I let Ingram go to school for 3 and a half hours today. He's been asking to go for weeks now and since our doctor said it was okay, I let him go. He even woke up singing "I'm going to school! I'm going to school!" as he ran into the girls room to wake them up. I cried a couple times before we left the house and my sweet girls even prayed for me before they left for school on the bus. Of course we had to take a "first day if school" picture before they left too. Ingram helped make his lunch and pack his bag before we headed down the road (literally its one road away once we get out of our neighborhood) to school.

It took us a long time to get to the class because we kept running into folks and they were hugging us both and talking. Once he made it to his room, he walked right in and got down to business and started with the normal school routine of putting his lunch up, washing his hands, and chatting up everyone. Leaving for me was another story; I held it together until I got to the car and then list it again. Everyone had asked what I was going to do and I had no idea until I started the car and it went ding ding ding; I spent the next hour and a held reading a book at the dealership while they worked on my car. Once it was finished I headed off to meet Craig for lunch and completely sobbed on the way listening to "The Message" on the radio. We had a great lunch and even got a few thing done relating to the marathon weekend that's very exciting...donuts, hot chocolate, pizza all are on the list!

Ingram had the best day ever at school according to him!  I got to his room while he was eating lunch with everyone and gave me the biggest smile, hug, and kiss ever I think!  We were talking about it in the car as he was telling me everything he did like painting, Mr. Rectangle the Robot, doing Show and Tell, playing on the playground with his friends, singing the Chicken song in Music, and on and on and on.  He had such a fun time and was asking when he gets to go back so it looks like he feels like a normal little boy that should be in school playing and learning with his friends once or twice a week.  I have to admit though that my favorite thing of his day was what he said was his favorite thing.  It all goes back to watching Dora the Explorer with Madison and Lindsey when they were little; we'd ask, just like Dora does, them all the same question when we get done with everything..."What was your favorite part?"  Today my heart was made happy when after I asked Ingram what his favorite part he said "seeing you Mommy, I missed you, but I had lots of fun with my friends!"  I missed my little man too so much today but love how excited he was and still is about going to school again sometime.  He proudly hung his Mr. Rectangles the Robot on the fridge and has been telling everyone about how much fun he had at school and that he gets to go back...we just haven't decided when he'll go back. 

The Traditional First Day Of School Picture!
We Just Didn't Think It Would Be This Late!

The Dropoff Went Rather Smoothly!
It Was After The First Set Of Tears And Before The Second Set!

He Even Managed To Find A Car In His Bag For Show And Tell!

This Made Me Smile...Then Cry!
Ingram Loves "His" Nolan And Jake!!

Mommy Loves This Smile...Especially After Not Seeing It For 3 And A Half Hours!

Ingram Wanted Me To Take A Picture With All His
Friends To Remember His "100 Fun Day!"

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