Sunday November 20th, Whirling Around The Country!!

Once again the Dismuke crew split up to go our different ways...Craig took Madison and Lindsey to the Mike Rose Soccer Plex for the second day of their soccer tournament and I took Ingram to the Memphis International Airport to head to the Big Apple!!!  Poor Beau, he just got left behind at the house, but I think he's pretty much getting used to hanging out in the yard with his toys; luckily, he has friends that walk their dogs by that provide a little excitement during the day for him.

We made it to the airport and onto the plane with little time to spare!  Ingram was quite the character as we were going through security and getting on the plane, but honestly I wouldn't have expected much else.  He was talking to everyone around and when the gal at the Security Checkpoint asked him his name, he looked at me like he was trying to figure out which nickname he was going to use.  I told him that he needed to tell her his real name and then he said "Keith Dismuke and Ingram Dismuke too" and she started laughing.  He was great during the 3 hours we were on the plane and only had to get up once to go to the restroom which is good since he was at the window of our row of three.  He kept himself busy with Play-doh, his flash light, his dry erase board, and his new "ipad!"  Don't worry, it's not a real iPad, it's a cute big blue plastic one that has all sorts of educational games on it; the only problem is that we so far only know how to make it play music.  I wouldn't be surprised if he figures it out before us, but I do have the directions with me. 

Once we landed at Laguardia, he kept asking when we were getting to NYC and had trouble with the fact that we were already there; it was even more tricky on our hour long ride to the hotel, but I think he's finally got it figured out!  We saw trucks, buses, trains, airplanes, motorcycles, limos, and regular cars and trucks too along the way that kept Ingram excited during the ride.  The best part of the ride though was the when we came around on the loops and saw the huge buildings from a distance and then right next to us; he was really captivated by these and it was so much fun!  Once we got settled into our room, it was way past our normal lunchtime so we headed out to find something quick to eat so that we could come back for a quick nap.  We walked out the door and he saw the golden arches and that was absolutely 100% the place we had to go for lunch; seriously, we're in New York City and have our first meal at McDonald's! 

After naptime, we played around in the room for a bit before we headed out to see the bright lights of Times Square and we found our way to the Toy's R Us store a few blocks away.  Along the way, we saw Elmo and he got really excited and wanted to take a picture with him.  The next thing I know, Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse jump in there and afterwards all three of them hold out their hands for a tip.  Needless to say, we rounded the next corner and saw Iron Man, Spiderman, Chebokka, Cookie Monster, and about 10 other characters, Ingram did not have his picture taken with them!  We also rode a three story Ferris Wheel INSIDE the Toys R Us store and spent about an hour walking around the store looking at every toy you could imagine without even buying a thing.  On the way back to our hotel, we stopped at a hot dog cart and Ingram ate his hot dog while walking down the street and didn't even drop any of it.  He feels quite at home here, but said he sure would like his girls to be here with him!

Now back at home, the girls did great at their soccer games this morning but unfortunately their teams didn't advance into the final round.  After their games, they headed home for some down time for the first time in a long time while Daddy ran a couple errands.  While he was gone, they decided to rake the leaves in the yard so that he wouldn't have to mess with it when he got back.  Those girls are something else; those two crazy girls filled over 20 bags with leaves and they even tried to mow the yard.  I have a feeling they're going to be getting a special treat from New York City from us when we go looking around at the Hershey store and the M & M store!  Daddy's treat for them was a movie and pizza night and he actually let Madison order the pizza online.  The funny part of that is that Domino's called the house to double check and make sure we didn't want any cheese on the pizzas;  it's a good thing they called because I'm not sure if sauce and pizza crust would be very good at all!

While we're in New York this week, we're going to be making appearances during the kick-off of the Thanks and Giving Campaign with Marlo Thomas.  The Today Show will be airing segments all week long starting in the morning with the finale on Friday with several St. Jude patients.  One particular segment that Ingram was a part of also involved Jenna Bush and Marlo Thomas and it was a balloon release.  We think that it will air Monday (Nov. 19th), but it could possibly be Tuesday of this week; we know for sure that it will be on all week long and I believe they talk with a patient every day too.  Tomorrow, we will be meeting with Marlo Thomas on her show Mondays with Marlo that is a part of but we're not quite sure when they will broadcast the segment.  I know our part is at 11am (Eastern) and we're supposed to be finished by noon; I'm also expecting to have a link of some sort that we can put out on Facebook and also the blog to see our cute Ingram.  Hopefully, he won't try to show anyone his underwear like when he was at the golf tournament in the summer!!

Ingram And His Girls!!
He Woke Up Happy As Usual And Hated To Leave Them In Germantown!

My Two Favorite Men!!

Captain Shorty The Dinosaur Reporting For Duty!

I Think I May Need To Invest In Some Wrinkle Cream With As Much As This Turkey Is Making Me Laugh!

Ingram Staying Busy On His "iPad!"

Watch Out New York City...Ingram The Conqueror Is In Town!!
We're On The 38th Floor And Our View Is Great!


Craig's View When He Got In From Running Errands!
We Think His View Is Pretty Great Too!
Madison And Lindsey Sure Are 100 Awesome!

Ingram Having A Picture With Elmo, Hello Kitty, And Mickey Mouse One Second!
Mommy Getting Hosed For Tip Money The Next Second!
Oh Well, We Only See Them Once...Until The Next Block!!!

Ingram Loved The Three-Story Ferris Wheel Inside Toys R Us!
His Only Complaint Was That He Didn't Get To Ride In The Scooby Dooby Dooby Car!

Ingram And Mommy In Times Square By Ourselves With A Million People!!

All In A Days Work...Now It's Time For Bed!!

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  1. So awesome! Will you post a clip of Ingram on TV on your blog? I'd love to see it, but we don't have cable anymore!!!!!!

    Good luck on TV!