Wednesday November 28th, Can I Get A "Woohoo??"

We can't believe that it's almost here!!!  The Dismuke house is so excited about the St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend and to have everyone together to help raise money for St. Jude!  All day long, if we see anything green (and the grocery had a lot of green stuff around), he says that we need it for the "marathon team Ingram."  There's also a rumor floating around that with a few last donations coming in both Madison and Lindsey will be above the $100,000 mark for money they have raised; that's $200,000 from two little girls determined to do everything they can to help their brother beat his cancer!  We're so proud of them and how determined they are to help their Ingram.

Ingram was invited to go to The Smith Clinic, which is a local physical therapy clinic, and pull raffle tickets out of a jar for prizes that ranged a from Starbucks card to personal training sessions to the grand prize of a year long fitness program.  Ingram had so much fun there and they even had a present for him that they knew he would love... Lightning McQueen and Spiderman and a sweet handmade hat!  Ingram wanted to play Hide and Go Seek for some reason before he left but he was the only kid there; even though he was the youngest on there by 20 years, he picked one of the guys to count so he could go hide!  Ingram picked a great hiding spot of course and it took Jeff a long time to find him because he wasn't making any noise either.  Normally at home, Ingram will inevitably say "I'm here!" and we don't have to look to hard to find him.

We're making all of our last minute preparations for the weekend and will be at the Expo tomorrow for the race after a fun morning at St. Jude for Ingram's last speech appointment with Miss Lauren.  He was talking about her today and that he was going to miss her; that little turkey has too many girlfriends!!  He also has more hair every day and we can't wait for everyone to see it; we keep joking that if we keep rubbing his head, his hair is going to fall out again.  It's just sooooo soft!! 

We do still have green Team Ingram shirts and gray CONQUER shirts that are available for purchase too.  The pickings are slim for the adult long sleeve shirts, but we have plenty of the short sleeve shirts.  We are also planning on bringing any extra shirts to our tent in case any locals want to a cool shirt and to support St. Jude at the same time!

The Whole Crew At The Smith Clinic Sporting Their Ingram Shirts!

Ingram Picking One Of Many Raffle Tickets Out Of The Jar With Micheal Smith!

One, Two, Three, Four, Five....Ready Or Not, Here I Come!

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