Thursday November 29th, Getting Ready To Run!!

We had Family Breakfast at school this morning and I was lucky to remember it as soon as we woke up.  Despite two out of the four of us having to shower this morning, we made it with 15 minutes to hang out and have fun at school before the first bell rang that sent the girls running down the halls with their friends.  After that, we headed to St. Jude for Ingram's last speech appointment with Miss Lauren; today was her last day and he said he's going to miss her!

The Expo for the St. Jude Marathon Weekend started today too and was sooooo much fun.  It was so fun that we spent over 2 hours there (and over $200 as well) visiting some of our favorite ALSAC folks and playing with two different sets of friends that we ran into while we were wondering around looking at everything.  The kids (four of them in all) had so much fun taking over the stage and playing football, hide and seek around the tv equipment (until we realized that was what they were doing), and just dancing on the stage for anyone that wanted to watch them.  It was great and since three out of them had no hair, they were quite the spectacle!

Lindsey ran with 3 miles last night, pretty fast I should add, and tonight it was Madison's turn to run her 3 miles.  They ended up running over to a friends house and after 30 minutes of talking with them (in the 9pm hour), they drove them home instead of a long dark run back to the house.  We have company coming in town tonight for the weekend, so Madison quietly snuck into her room for bed so that she didn't wake up Ingram and Lindsey who were already fast asleep!

Oh My!! 
If They're This Excited At School, There's No Telling How Crazy They're
Going To Be This Weekend At The Race!!

Ingram And Cooper!
We Have Been Joking That Ingram Is Going To Catch Up To Coopers Buzz Cut Soon!
The Funny Thing Is That From This Angle, They Look The Same Size Too!

Ingram And Miss Lauren!
We're Going To Miss Her, But Know She's Going To Do Great When She Graduates!

Rhett Stegall, Ingram, Mae, And Bailey!
Out Of All The Pictures, This One Was The Most
Clear Even Though They Look Like Flashes!

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