Monday November 5th, What A Day!

We were so excited about staying home today and doing absolutely nothing!  Ingram was loving eating his cheerios and watching a cartoon so I decided to take a quick shower for a change while we do nothing instead of staying in my pajamas.  I guess you could say Madison had other plans for us!!!  She called from school around lunchtime and said her wire was poking a hole in her cheek and it was really bugging her; sometimes I really hate braces for this very reason.  It was cold and rainy and I honestly just didn't want to go anywhere, but at least I had already had a shower before we went rushing off to pick her up and get her to the orthodontist during her lunchtime.

While we were out, we swung by Daddy's office and gave him hugs and kisses before we raced off to school.  After we dropped her off at school safely, we stopped by Bank Tennessee and dropped off a t-shirt order and then ran by another house nearby and did the same.  Once we were home, it was nap time and Ingram agreed that he needed a nap today.  He's getting better about sleeping upstairs in his room, but he still need someone to lay down with him.  It's progress and we know it will take a while before he's back to going to sleep by himself; personally, I love accidentally falling asleep with him...which happened again tonight at bedtime!

After school we put our rush on with snack and homework and then Daddy took Madison to her soccer games and Mommy held down the fort with Lindsey and Ingram.  I don't know which one is easier...being cold and wet at the soccer fields or doing homework with Lindsey while entertaining Ingram!  Today while Ingram was taking his nap, I had not only made tonight's dinner but made tomorrow's dinners; Daddy and the kids had two entrees to chose from...spaghetti or tacos.  I think this is the first time since April that I have had a jump on weeknight dinners.  I guess we'll just have to see how the rest of the week goes but I have a plan to make at least two more weeknight dinner meals with our extra time at home and I'm a little excited about it!

Oh I so have more exciting news not related to dinner time!!!  Tonight as we were getting things settled down and I was reading with Lindsey, Brandy Blank sent a text message saying that Ingram looked cute in the Martha Stewart Living magazine that she got in the mail today. I was so shocked and had not idea what she was talking about so we piled in the car and immediately were at their door to check out the magazine.  We got a phone call from the ALSAC people saying they were going to be using his picture as part of the "Thanks and Giving" campaign, but we just didn't know how exactly they were going to do it.  So we interrupted the Blank family night to check out the magazine and somehow Ingram and Lindsey snuck upstairs while I was looking at the magazine and we ended up staying at their house for about for about an hour and got back home right before Madison and Craig did from soccer.  As soon as Daddy and Madison walked in the door from soccer at almost 9pm, Daddy promptly turned around right away and went in search of the magazine that had the full page picture of our sweet Ingram in it; let me just say that we have more than one copy of Martha Steward Living sitting on the counter!

What A Ferocious Guard Dog We Have!
Beau Was Making Sure That Ingram Could Eat His Cheerios In Peace While They Watched Cartoons Together!

It's Been A Long Time Since Ingram Did Window Paints,
But Somehow He Talked Me Into Letting Him Use Them This Morning!

A Surprise Mid-Day Visit With Madison To The Orthodontist.
And Yes He's Still In The Same Pajamas That He Went To Bed In Last Night!

Lindsey Was Enjoying Her Taco Night With Ingram And Mommy!

Ingram Has Gone Nationwide!!
Addie, Ella, Carter, And Ty Blank Helped Ingram To "Hide" From Mommy As
For About 10 Minutes In Their Upstairs When It Was Finally Time To Go.
Apparently Hiding Under A Train Table With A Gigantic Puppy Dog Stuffed Animal On Top Is A Great Hiding Spot!!

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