Saturday and Sunday November 24th and 25th, Going Slow!

With a week's worth of fun from our New York City trip, we are trying to unpack and get things back to normal around the house.  Normal, though, has been elusive since April and we are in need of finding it.  The funny thing about "normal" is that we have never claimed that anything that goes on at our house is normal.  We've always been on the go, heading here and there, and often making plans or changing our plans at the last minute.  Over the past few weeks, we have also been talking a lot about "our new normal" and are closing in quickly on making decisions both short-term and long-term for our whole crew.

With 8 loads of laundry washed and none folded nor put away, the stacks are a bit overwhelming and they also represent how hard it is to get anything done around here.  When we came home, the house was clean and now it's back to the normal stuff all over it from life with three kids.  We could get really upset about it and get it done right away, but instead we're choosing not to do it that way.  Instead, we've been watching football games and Christmas movies with the kids, attempting to decorate the house for our favorite holiday of the year, and starting new traditions in our home with the kids.  One of those is "Elf on the Shelf" which we finally gave in to this year because Ingram and Lindsey will love it so much!  Its so totally commercialized, but it's silly things like that that make memories for the kids. 

We still have soccer games to play, school work to do, and the big St. Jude Marathon Weekend to get ready for, but if everything else takes a little longer to get done around the house it's still okay.  Ingram and the girls love to help decorate the tree with 4 ornaments on one branch and it's okay.   They also love playing in the leaves instead of raking them and hiding Beau's gigantic rawhide in the middle of the pile just to watch him destroy the pile looking for it and that's okay too.  With so many things to get done, we don't want to miss the opportunities to have a little fun instead of just getting stuff done fast.  With the holidays approaching and all the things that we feel like we need to do, we're actually looking forward to just being together. 

Please continue to pray for the Christensen family; our hearts are so heavy for all of them.  Pray for strength for Chris and Amy to get through each moment, for God's comfort and peace for Cole, and for His understanding for all of them, especially his sweet big sister.

We Love Christmas Lights!
We Even Love The Strand That Keeps Going Playing Tricks On Craig!

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