Sunday Novemebr 11th, Wishful Thinking!

We found out earlier in the week that we had qualified to have a wish granted and Ingram and the girls were so excited about the whole Make-A-Wish idea.  Craig and I were a little nervous about it at first, but decided to go ahead and let proceed with it since Ingram and the girls had been through so much in the last 7 months.  We received a call the other day while I was putting Ingram down for his nap that our paper work had gone through and they were coming to meet!!

We had the honor of meeting our Make-A-Wish Granters, Liz and Tim Richie, this afternoon with the kids and I have to admit I was a little nervous before they got to the house!  I have no idea why I was nervous, but I was.  The only think I could think about was that Ingram changes his mind like the drop of a hat and he also agrees with just about anything someone says too!  Then you bring in the girls and all their ideas about what Ingram should ask for and you just never know what will come out of his mouth!

At one point, Madison (YES, Madison, the one who's supposed to be the oldest and most responsible) looks at Ingram's "Wish Book" and writes in that Ingram wants to meet Tebow; I couldn't believe that girl did that!!  And when Ingram was telling me what to write about what he wanted to be, Lindsey pipes in and asks Ingram if he wants to be an artist.  So of course Ingram agrees and she writes that down!  Those little stinkers are crazy and we made sure that Liz and Tim knew that he had ideas put into his head then!

We were able to start at the beginning of Ingram's story and told them just about everything that happened in the short version (if you believe that) and spent a while just talking about our families and kids and stuff.  They asked us a lot of questions and we asked them a lot of questions about the whole Make-A-Wish thing and they even asked Ingram and the girls a ton of questions about things they liked too!  They even brought a gift for each of them over to the house tonight that were just perfect for each of them...a talking train, a super cool pink soccer ball, and a sweet glow in the dark bracelet kit!

After our visit of about an hour and a half with lots of questions, answers, and more questions, we have no idea what Ingram's Make-A-Wish will be or when it will be granted!  But, we did have ton of fun making new friends and Ingram had a ton of fun blasting off from the couch jumping over Daddy into Mr. Tim right before they were about to leave!!  And with our kids, one thing leads to another and the next thing you know someone's going to get hurt...thankfully, we caught Ingram instead of the floor catching Ingram and promptly ended the little jumping/wrestling/backriding mayhem that was going on in the den!  Crazy kids!!!

Make-A-Wish Granters Liz And Tim Richie Braving The Dismuke House!
They Had No Idea What They Were In For?!?!

Ingram Made It Off The Couch, Over Daddy, Into Tim's Arms!

Liz Caught Ingram Standing On Top Of His Lego Table Trying To Hang Off The Mantle!
What In The World Do They Think Of Us Now???

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  1. Cool news on the make a wish! I'm excited for Ingram and for the whole family. You deserve it, whatever it will be. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it involves a trip to the Magic Kingdom in California...