Monday and Tuesday November 26th and 27th, Crazy Busy!

To say that these past two days have been busy would be an understatement!  But, we are loving all the fun stuff that is happening.  Probably our most favorite thing is how excited Ingram is about Christmas and giving presents to people.  He asks every day all day long if Santa is coming today and wants to make cookies for him now; I've given up on trying to convince him that it's too early to make cookies so we may be weighing a little more before we even get to Christmas.  He also loves to play with his train and the Fisher Price nativity set that we got when the girls were itty bitty; but beau also likes to play with them and let's just say he doesn't play very nice!  It's going to be a long month of questions and waiting, but we're very grateful that he's here to ask every day all day.  I'm not saying that in a nonchalant kind of way either;  there's just too many families we know that aren't going to be asked those questions and our hearts are so heavy for them. 

Yesterday we spent finishing up unpacking from our trip and also ran a few errands in pajamas, well at least Ingram was still in his pajamas!  Oh we could have all stayed in bed all day from the rain and cold, but we had to get up and moving for school; if there was no school, I'm pretty sure that we would have stayed under our covers and declared it a pajama day for sure.  After school, we had homework for the girls and squeezed in a soccer game for Lindsey during the cold icky rain we were having.  I'm pretty sure they just wanted to finish the season so they played the game in the rain to be one more game closer to being done.  We spent a lot of time sorting and labeling shirts for the race for people to pick up which is super exciting and super busy!  (If you're on Team Ingram and you don't have your shirt, get in touch with us; we may have yours at the house.)  Bedtime is always fun because the girls usually squabble over who gets to sleep with Ingram;  at some point I'm hoping something will click and he'll be able to go back to sleeping by himself, but until then, we do what we have to do to let everyone sleep all night...despite how early he's waking up and waking everyone else with him!

Today, we headed to school to watch Madison compete in the 5th Grade Spelling Bee!  She did great and made it to the 5th round before she had her first incorrect word.  She's such a silly goose and sorta jumped up at the podium each time to make sure she could see over the top.  We think it's funny that she's the shortest girl in her grade, but Madison doesn't always have the same humor with it!  The winner of the Bee was Madison's friend Megan and she is also running with her father on Team Ingram this weekend so we were extra excited.  Then we headed to St. Jude for Ingram's regular speech appointment; I tend to call this playtime because he has so much fun in there!  We know that he's working on specific letters, but he just thinks he's playing games with his friends Mrs. Angela and Miss Lauren.  We headed back home after a few errands and managed to get Ingram down for a quick nap before the regular afternoon/evening chaos.  We had homework and snacks then 3 soccer games (2 of which were at the same time on different fields) in mid 30 degree weather!  Don't get me wrong, I love soccer, but it's a little too cold for elementary kids to be playing in my opinion.  They both survived and so did Craig since I kept Ingram home to stay warm while the three of them froze at the fields.

We have more news on the fundraising front!  We had a group headed up by Adina Wise that raised almost $2000 in an unconventional way for St. Jude in Ingram's honor.  Adina runs a Bootcamp and they had a Thanksgiving morning Bootcamp to get a jump on all the yummy food that was going to be eaten; they had a packed class and all the proceeds went to St. Jude.  The other fun crazy thing she did was put together an "Totally Awesome 80's Prom" where everyone came dressed straight out of the 80's with big hair, puffy dresses, and crazy make-up!  See, fundraising can be fun; you just have to be creative with it!  Adina is also on running this weekend with Team Ingram as a Hero and we're so glad to have her creativity raising money for the children and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!

So Proud Of Our Super Speller Madison!

You Knew This Would Happen...
The RockStar Has Entered The Building!
Ingram With More Girls!!!!

Oh Yeah! 
Ingram's Weighed In Today At A Whopping 16.5kg!
Also Known As "Been Eating A Lot Making Him 36.3 Pounds!!"
And He Feels Like It Too!

Thanksgiving Morning BootCamp!

Totally Awesome 80's Prom!

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