Saturday November 10th, Super Saturday!!

We woke up to a surprise this morning and couldn't have been more excited!  Our friend Chris Rowland (part of the Rowland family that moved to the Dominican Republic in August) snuck inside our house around 8:30am this morning.  He was back from the DR for a meeting and a wedding and just happened upon our house with Donuts...hmmmm, I have no idea how he knew those were such a popular item in our house!  We had been up super late Friday night with the Rooker family at the ECS game and the kids were actually all just waking up in Ingram's room; we could hear all three of them through the monitor and when Chris walked through their door I'm pretty sure it was as loud as the Justin Beiber concert!  They next thing we know, they're trampling down the stairs thinking that Stephan and the kids were here too, but the donuts made up a little for them still being in the DR.  We had so much fun with Chris until he had to go and the kids were trying to tackle Chris and Craig in the front yard like they were tackling Brent the night before at the football game. 

While we were goofing off with Chris, Chip Barger came over to get the shirts to take to the Germantown Legends Soccer Fields for the last day of selling shirts and taking donations for St. Jude.  They were having a "Green Out!" day and encouraging everyone to wear green to show the girls how much they care about Ingram!  We've been so lucky to have friends come alongside us and help raise awareness about Childhood Cancer.  The girls have played soccer for the Legends for a few years now and it's so exciting to see organizations that we've been involved with support us the way they have helped the girls support Ingram!  Chip also brought over a huge rawhide for Beau that is literally bigger than Beau; hopefully, this giant rawhide will keep Beau occupied so that he's less interested in chewing things up around the house. 

After Chris left, we got dressed real quick and made it to the GFL fields to watch out friend Collin win his first football game with the Vikings!  The game was soooo much fun and Ingram loved watching the big boys play football and he also practiced kicking from the sidelines with his little buddy Harrison.  We missed the kickoff, but were there to celebrate the victory with Collin and as the families rushed the field, so did Ingram and the girls!  Up next was the Peanut Bowl and Ingram was asked to flip the coin with the team captains of the Saints and Broncos in the championship game.  He told us that he was going to throw it to the moon and he just about did!  He threw it up so high that on the way down, it hit a helmet and bounced off and they had to look for it to call it.  Craig and the girls were out on the field with him for the flip and everyone gave them a huge round of applause as he left the center of the field for the sidelines as the announcers were talking about him over the speaker system. 

After the Peanut bowl, Ingram took some pictures with folks and had a much needed Gatorade and hot dog.  The weather was just about perfect and he had just enough time between his next game to play on the bouncy slide for a while.  We also had to get Madison to her first indoor soccer game with her Legends team but Ingram had two more "flips" to do before we could all leave.  Madison left with Emily (Collin's sister) for the game and then Craig met them at Dulin's with Madison's clothes and indoor shoes. Speaking of shoes, Ingram has had on his new soccer cleats pretty much ever since he got them the night before.  They're neon green and at least two inches too big, but he loves them and hasn't taken them off.  Okay, back to football...the last set of games were the "Team Ingram" Holiday Bowl Game and we had some great friends playing in these games in all divisions.  Once again Ingram was introduced and Lindsey was right there with him as his proud big sister as he tossed the coin to the moon; afterwards, he stood in the middle of the field surrounded by all the players as the crowd gave him a standing ovation.  He didn't quite know what to think about this and it was so cute to watch his sweet little face have the biggest smile!

We got to the last game just on time after running into lots of friends as we were walking to the field; it was the last field with the older group of boys and thankfully, they started late and we made the flip.  Ingram and Lindsey walked out to mid field with the referees and players and this time, he walked down the line and gave all the guys hi 5's on both teams.  These guys were so gentle with him too and you know they were ready to be all rough and tough and play football!  All the referees even came over to Ingram and Lindsey and shook hands too before Ingram walked off the field to another round of applause.  This time, they said that he was an honorary Captain for the game and he even handed over the Tee and Football that they were going to kick off with; we had to stay and watch the kick before we could leave.  Oh how the Germantown Football League has made us feel like a part of their family...and we don't even have anyone playing or cheering in their league!!

We raced across town and swung through the drive-thru for lunch since it was already past 1 and I ended up getting a new passenger in the car...Shorty the Dinosaur replaced Ingram with the help of Lindsey drawing a dinosaur on his cheek!  By the time we made it to the indoor game, Madison had been blocking balls at a steady fast pace in the goal and she looked happy that it was half time.  We went upstairs and watched the second half of her game and Ingram had so much fun playing with his friend John.  Poor guys get dragged along to all the soccer games, but this time Ingram and John played with their own toys during the game...trucks, tractors, and bulldozers!  We hit up Baskin Robbins with the Whelan's after the game and then meandered through Outdoors as Ingram and the girls go away with playing with every single hiking pole in the store.  Seriously, they got every one off the hook, adjusted them, and pretended to hike across the second floor of the's the bald head, he gets away with a ton of stuff that way!

Finally we made it home around 4pm from leaving the house at 10am and Ingram didn't have a nap at all!  The word that comes to my mind is BEAR!!!  But, leave it to Daddy to get the grouchies away with a Nerf gun war that left at least 50 bullets scattered all over the downstairs of the house.  Oh and they cleaned them up too which made Mommy not turn into a bear!  We ended up watching a movie and chilling out for the rest of the night after almost a whole package of Bagel Bites (the big box from Costco) were devoured by 5 kids.  Oh bedtime couldn't come soon enough for the entire Dismuke household but it was definitely another Super Saturday!

We Were So Excited To See Chris Rowland!
The Only Thing That Could Have Made It Even Better Were Actually Five Things...Phebe, Council,
Sarah Elizabeth, Meriel, and Of Course Stephan!
Rawhide Anyone?
Beau's Got Plenty To Share!!
"Go Way Back To Kick It!"
"No WAYYY Back!"

The First Coin Toss Between The Saints and Broncos In The Peanut Championship Bowl!

To The Moon!!

And Back!

Emily, Madison, Malena, Lindsey, Ingram, And Collin!
Collin's Sporting His Trophy After Winning His Game And Malena Is Sporting A Green Hairbow
That She Made AND Sold To Raise Funds For Team Ingram And St. Jude!

A Little Down Time On The Slide To Keep Ingram In A Great Mood!

The Coin Toss With The Patriiots And The Cowboys!
This One Went On A Shorter Trip To The Moon That Didn't Include Bouncing Off Any Helmets!

He's Just A Stud!!!
And So Are All These Players And Families Taking The Time To Make A Four Year Old Feel Special!

Heading Out To The Middle Of The Field For The Last Coin Toss!

I Think The Referees Got Jealous Of The Players And Wanted Their Own Set Of Hi 5's From Ingram And Lindsey!

Ingram Handing Over The Game Ball And Tee!

Shorty The Dinosaur Has Entered The Building!

Oh Yeah...Pint Size Fun For John And Ingram!
What Little Boy Doesn't Love Crashing Trucks and Tractors On Metal Bleachers??

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