Friday October 19th, The Energizer Bunny And Friends!

Our morning started out at Dogwood Elementary for what we thought would be a 30 minute meeting; 2 hours later we were finally leaving!  Ingram came along and sat at a little table with his markers and Mario Brothers notepad, a phone with Netflix, and some fruit snacks and was a really good boy.  When our 30 minute turned hour long meeting ended, we stopped in the cafeteria to say "Hi!" to Lindsey and make our way out.  Nothing is as easy as it sounds with Ingram around because EVERYONE at school knows him now.  Literally, he's walking around the cafeteria with all the third grade classes in there; everyone calling out his name and all girls wanted to hug him and all the guys wanted to give him "5's."  He loved it and I'm pretty sure Lindsey did too! 

We finally made it out of the cafeteria 15 minutes later only to be going by the 5th grade hall at locker changing time.  Once again, the whole way down the hall towards the door it's "Ingram" as loud as possible, guys wanting "5's" and girls wanting hugs!  Then comes Madison flying from around the back after she heard the commotion; of course she took him on a tour of the 5th Grade Hall to see everyone and ended with Mr. Bozeman's classroom.  It's her homeroom teacher, we go to the same church as Mr. Bozeman, and she wanted to show Ingram their pet snakes!  All of 5th grade was about to go to lunch so she also talked us into staying for lunch (after we went to go get food to bring back) so that we can sit with her and her friends.  Since the 5th Grade Hall wasn't enough of a tour for Ingram, he also walked up and down each table and talked to the other kids...seriously he's a Rock Star at our school!!!

Over two hours after we got to school, we finally left for Craig's office!  We had two massive heads of hair to cut and Ingram was sooooo excited.  When we got there, he wanted to shave heads on the trading floor again, but we convinced him to stay in the room since it was going to be very messy with all the hair he was shaving.  Justin Sparks and Dennis Porcar had no idea what they were in for, especially after Ingram got an energy boost from a pack of M&M's from the "secret candy drawer."  We also realized that Friday afternoons are not as busy as the rest of the work week; actually, it may just be that when Ingram's around less work gets done.  Hopefully we won't get called into "the office" anytime soon for promoting playtime instead of worktime!  Ingram had been given a Florida Gator hat and football also from one of his favorite guys, Grey allison, so since the guys weren't working, they decided to work on Ingram's form for a while.  All I can say is that the back corner of Vining Sparks will never be the same again!

Exhausted from an already long day and knowing that our night would be long with Madison's first soccer tournament, I informed Ingram that he was going to be taking a nap.  Ingram insisted that he wasn't tired at 3:30 when we got home, but magically got really quiet the second I put him in his bed and slept for about an hour and a half before we headed to pick up the girls from Bible Club.  With a 15 minute turn around time between pick-up, trading kids, and making it back to the house, we headed to the soccer fields to get Madison to her warm-ups and even went through the drive-thru for dinner.  I know, we hit the windows way toooo much nowadays, but we gotta do what we gotta do!  It was dark and cold but we were bundled up for a great night of soccer; Ingram also brought his new Power Ranger sword the Smith's gave him to occupy us (and almost hurt us) at the soccer game. 

Around 9:30pm our somewhat calm house turned into Chaos Central when some college friends made it in from out of town.  The Laffoon's also had a soccer tournament this weekend and we figured it was a great time to catch up and get a little bit of sleep.  The kids were great...all 7 of them!!!  We literally had stair steps counting all the kids and everyone got along great.  Madison was the oldest at 10, then Lauren, then Lindsey, then Anderson, then Ingram, then Ty, then Liza rounding out the bunch at 2.  Talk about energy, well everyone but Anderson who fell asleep on the couch upstairs around 10pm, stayed up till after 11pm having a dance party in the den on top of the furniture and in the middle of the rug, and everywhere in between.  Our mutual friends from college, Chris and Stephan Rowland, would have been proud!

Ingram Was Too Busy To Stop And Talk As He Was Checking Out All The Second Grade Girls!

There Was No Sneaking Out Of School Today!
The Whole 5th Grade Hall Knew Ingram Was There!

Then Again, Being A Rock Star Does Have Its' Privileges!
Mr. Bozeman Talked Ingram Into Touching The Skin That One Of The Class Snakes' Shed.
I'm Not Sure How Daddy's Going To Feel About This!
I Know He's Scared Of Snakes, But I'm Not Sure How He Feels About Their Skin??

Ingram And Justin Sparks
Today Was The First Time Justin Ever Had His Head Shaved; He Never Had It Shaved As A Kid!
His Family Even Came In For The Occasion!

Dennis Porcar And Craig's Hand
Ingram Needed An M&M Fix So Craig Started On Dennis' Head.
Before Dennis' Shave Started, People Were Begging Him Not To Cut It Because It Looked So Good!
This Is Not the Beginning Picture, But One That He Sent His Family As The Final Picture I Think.

The Finale...Dennis, Ingram, And Justin
They're A Good Looking Trio Of Baldies!

The Guys In The Back Corner Were Working Really Hard To Turn Ingram Into The Next Tebow!
They Ran Plays Up And Down The Hallway.
I Thought It Was Going To Turn Into A Pass/Punt/Receive Show!

Ingram Giving A Thumbs Up For The Current Team Ingram/Team Vining Total Of Over $230,000!!

Ingram The Conqueror Keeping Warm In His Conqueror Hat At The Soccer Game!

Chaos Central Turned Into Dance Party Central Once The Music Got Cranked Up!
Memories Of College With These Two Came Rushing Back!!!

Ingram Was Dancing So Hard That He Had To Shed His Shirt.
After All, George Ferebee Taught Him Boys Can Do That!!

What Party Would Be Complete Without "The Sprinkler" And Dancing On The Furniture??

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