Thursday October 18th, Where Did Our Day Go?

Honestly, we did a lot today at home, but it really wasn't a lot, you know?  We colored, watched a couple cartoons, played with Beau, worked on t-shirts and other Team Ingram stuff, and Ingram took a nap too, but I honestly can't really figure out where all our time went today.  We're still adjusting to not being at St. Jude all the time and are in this mode of "what do we do now?" and our days just run together.  Ingram stayed in his pajamas all day and then when we did have to run out, he just put a sweatshirt on top and was good to go!

One fun thing about today was that we got an email from our Preschool director and it had a picture attached of all of the teachers (and one Ingram's little buddies) in their Ingram shirts!  It was so exciting to see them all in their shirts together helping us fight cancer and raising money for St. Jude.  We knew they had placed an order for a ton of shirts, but it was the first time we had seen a whole group wearing "OUR SHIRTS" for Ingram.  I can't wait to see more groups of people and families out and about wearing Ingram shirts.  We're always on an emotional roller coaster, but when we see people wearing our shirts, it's like we get a little extra boost knowing that others are fighting along side of us.

Our afternoon was filled again with soccer and homework and we even managed to add in a new sport too...Ultimate Frisbee!  Madison's teacher offered a "Fifth Grade Only" afterschool sports thingie and it started today so Lindsey had some alone time with Mommy while we studied her spelling and math.  Ingram was also with us and wanted to give Lindsey the correct answer for every question which in his mind was always 49...even in spelling!  Then it was off to soccer practice for Lindsey and dinner at McAlisters where we continued to practice math and spelling and of course had more of Ingram's help.  Daddy took Madison to her soccer game and worked homework in as well before their dinner.  It's a good thing that we're both in this together especially on crazy days like today!

We also got "Boo'ed" tonight and the kids were so excited!  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's when people leave a Halloween Happy at your door at night and try to do it without getting caught.  I hate to say that I scared our "Boo'ers" while they were sneaking around our front porch but I didn't tell the girls who it was; they were still trying to guess on the way to bed.  Tomorrow we plan to "Get Our Boo On" and surprise another family once it gets dark! 

Our Wonderful Preschool Staff Conquering Cancer Right Along Side Of Us!

Batman And His Caped Cruisaders Will Be Flying Around A Neighborhood Near You!

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  1. What an awesome preschool staff! They look awesome in your shirts!