Tuesday October 9th, NO MO CHEMO!!!!!!!

Being able to have a "No Mo Chemo" party is totally such a cool thing!  All five of us were in the clinic today along with Andy and Annette Dean (our friends at Dean Studios who filmed the girls' video about Ingram and St. Jude this summer) for Ingram's "No Mo Chemo" party.  They were both so sweet and offered to capture this huge event for us so that we could enjoy it and not have to worry with our own cameras.  Before our party, the girls enjoyed some time without us with Amanda from Child Life; they decorated canvases, got more of their Sibling Legacy Beads, and also talked about Cancer and Ingram.  I know they enjoyed their time and we are so glad that St. Jude cares about the children enough to include the brothers and sisters of the patients in their programs. 

Most of our regular clinic staff was there plus our sweet Child Life gal Amanda and one of our dietitians Katie.  Ingram was so excited when they all came to the door and started singing the "No Mo Chemo" song and throwing confetti.  He just stood on the table and watched everyone with the biggest grin on his face; it was priceless!  I feel certain that we will keep finding confetti in odd places with all that was thrown in our direction.  Of course, confetti comes in these huge bags and well, you just need a lot of it; the girls and Ingram were scooping it off the table and up from the floor and throwing it over and over again at everyone in the room, especially Mommy and Daddy! 

I think the pictures tell a better story...

Daddy And Ingram Playing With His Ninjago Toy That He Picked Out After Getting Poked Today.

Here They Are...They're Singing!
Now They're Throwing Confetti!!

Still Singing And Throwing The Confetti!!
The Confetti Is Everywhere!!!
Plus They Brought In A Cool T-Shirt, Playdoh, Balloons, And A Poster!
Ingram's Laughing And Sharing Words Of Wisdom...
"I'm Going To Conquer Cancer!!!!"

Andy..."So What's The Best Thing About St. Jude?"
Ingram..."I Love St. Jude.  I Get To Paint!!"

"Better Watch Out!  I Found A Confetti Bag!!"

The Grand Finale...
Throwing As Much Confetti As Possible At Mr. Andy AND His Camera!!


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  1. Awesome party! No Mo Chemo!!!!

    Love the Spiderman shirt, too!