Saturday October 13th, The Duck Master AND The Hair Master!

Ingram was sooo excited to head to The Peabody Hotel downtown this morning to shave Matthew Zubiller's head! He wins the prize for "traveling the longest distance for a haircut" since he came down from San Diego for the event. And an event it was!!! We got there at 10:30am right on time and went to the lobby bearing Gibson's Donuts to share. We were promptly greeted by the Peabody staff and they directed us to the fountain since the ducks were coming down soon. I figured it would be fun to watch while we waited for Matthew and ate our donuts. While we were talking to Mimi (we brought her as our photographer), the Head Duck Master came over and started talking to Ingram. Less than a minute later, he asked Ingram if he would like to help him bring in the ducks and become an Honorary Duck Master for the day.

I wish I could have captured Ingram's eyes because they lit up like stars! We sat around and visited with Mr. Matthew and Mr. Rich as we waited until it was Ingram's turn to be introduced. Anthony, the Head Duck Master, spent about 5 minutes talking to the crowd (at least a couple hundred people in the lobby and hanging over the Mezzanine level rails watching below) about the history of the Peabody and the Ducks. Then he spoke even louder and began to introduce Ingram as his Honorary Duck Master while Ingram was standing right next to him smiling and looking around the whole time.

After Anthony's introduction of Ingram and his reading of the Honorary Duck Master Proclamation, the whole crowd erupted in applause for Ingram and I couldn't have been more proud! Ingram walked down the red carpet to the elevator going up to the Duck House to meet the five cutest ducks. Ingram led them across the roof to the elevator then after we rode all the way down, he walked right behind them to the fountain to make sure they didn't go astray. When the ducks got to the end, Ingram gave the command "Up" and up the steps into the water they all went. Ingram was once again introduced and applauded and was just so happy! He got a Honorary Duck Master pin for his shirt, a Duck Master rubber duckie, and a chocolate chip cookie shaped like a duck. We also got to meet tons of sweet people and Ingram was once again a celebrity and we enjoyed getting to talk to new friends about St. Jude and Ingram's battle with cancer.

After all our "duck" excitement, we headed upstairs to shave Matthew's hair. Luckily, Mr. Rich was with us and since he used to shave his son's head when he was younger, he made sure I had everything hooked up correctly since Craig was still in Virginia with the girls and I had never shaved a head with a guard on the shaver. After round one with the guard on, we took it off to just the razor and had a little fun making a mowhawk then finished it off just like Shorty the Dinosaur's head!

Do You Think Ingram Is Happy???
He Didn't Stop Smiling The WHOLE Time We Were There!

Ingram Directing The Ducks Across The Roof...With Mr. Anthony's Help Of Course!

Our Little Celebrity Walking The Red Carpet With The Ducks And Mr. Anthony!

The Ducks Followed Ingram's "Up!" Command Perfectly!

Ingram And Mr. Anthony...Duck Masters Extraordinaire!

Matthew Didn't Even Hesitate Once The Buzzzzz Started!
And Ingram Had His Ever Steady Grip On The Shaver!

Having A Little Fun With A Mowhawk!
We Sent This Picture To Love, His Wife, To Let Her Know We Were Finished!

The Baldy Head Rub!
I Think Love Was Much Happier When She Saw The Final Cut!

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