Sunday October 7th, It's Official...Kids Conquering Cancer

Woohoo!!!!  This is huge and we're so excited about this.  Madison and Lindsey have been talking about how they can continue to raise money for St. Jude after the  Marathon Weekend is over and they have some great ideas.  So great in fact that we had to help them make it official... Kids Conquering Cancer ( was started to allow Madison and Lindsey to continue to raise money to help CONQUER childhood cancer.  Currently they are using t-shirt sales to battle cancer but that's just the beginning!  We have the website set up where people can order t-shirts and pay for them online with the proceeds going to St. Jude.  We also plan to have a t-shirt design challenge for other kids, and many other fun things for the future.  Please send the link to anyone and everyone so we can raise as much money as we can for St. Jude!

After our crazy night last night at SJ, we decided to hang out at home today and play.  We were supposed to go back to SJ today, but last night took care of everything until Tuesday and we're so excited about having a little down time!  Since Ingram's butterfly is out, he even took a bathtub this afternoon; it was his first one since last Tuesday!  Since it's fairly cool outside and we have Fall Break this week, we decided to break out the tent and set it up in the backyard.  We planned to sleep in it tonight.  However, it may rain and Mommy's fairly exhasuted from being at SJ till 2am, so we're waiting untill another night to sleep on the ground.  Personally, I can't wait to crawl in the bed tonight!  We played in the treehouse, in the tent out back, in the house, and at the neighbor's house.  We also watched a few episodes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Transformers when Ingram needed a little down time. 

This weekend has also been huge for Ingram!  He's been out with Craig TWICE and they had so much fun together.  Tonight was his second time out and they went to return some movies, pick out some new ones, get some chocolate for s'mores, and then to pick up some PF Changs.  Here is how Craig described the experience.

Ingram doesn't quit talking.  I finally had to stop and write down everything that little joker was saying.  This is our conversation between PF Changs and MUS... phoenetically of course!  (For reference, "da" is "dad", he can't pronounce "th", most of his t's are silent, 100 is like a superlative for any metric, 100 and another number means it is way more than a lot.)

Ingram: Hey da. I say ingo.
Craig: What?
Ingram: Ingo.
Craig: Ingo?
Ingram: Ya, ingo.  Dats Spanish you know?
Craig: What does ingo mean?
Ingram: It means ingalinga. Because dats wha I say. And den you can say pockalocka. Dat means, Git me a juice box.  Yah. Ok, da? Ok, da?
Craig: Ok!
Ingram: Da, when we goin home? Da, whas da degrees say? Is it hot? I tink it say 100 and 9.
Craig: Yes, it's hot.  I can turn the heat off.
Three seconds of silence
Ingram: Da, dat light was red. It was red, da.  (Singing) Ha it was red and I see it.  Da where's my M&Ms?  Da, are my M&Ms melted?
Craig: No, bud.  They aren't melted.
Ingram: When are dey?   When are dey gonna be melted, da?   Hey da, my feet are on top of da seat. Da, dey on da super top.  Do you see it?  Da, look. Look.  Da, looook.
Craig: Yes, you're feet are on top of the seat.  I see it!
Ingram: Da, ders a bobcat.  A bobcat is a tracker.  It's a tracker, da.  You know dat?
Craig:  Yes, a Bobcat is a little tractor, I know."
Ingram:  But it's white and orange.  Da, where we going?   This is not da way home. Da, watch dat orange hand [the do not walk hand on a pedestrian crossing]. Why it orange?  Why it orange, da? Cause someone dat big and dey touch it?  Da, I lub you.  Da feel your window.  Feel your window. Feel your window.
Craig: Yeah, it's cold.
Ingram: It's super cold. Like 100 cold.  Da, my windows not cold.  Because I put my foot on it. Da, I keep my hand der foever.  I hab a board [bird] and its super big. And a guy at St. Jude have it and he gabe one to me. And I showed it to Beau and I said its big big big.  Allo... allo... Bo... Bo... Buger fees. Da, pepper dah pepper dah. Hot dog!!!

I'm not quite sure what everythimg means but it sure was amusing watching Ingram listen to Craig read it to me.  When he was done, we just all started laughing and so did Ingram!  Tonight we're having a family "campout" upstairs; that means we're all sleeping upstairs together on the floor and the bed and the couch.  We'll see how much rest we actaully get!!

We're looking forward to having the week off from school to do some fun stuff.  We go Tuesday to St. Jude and the whole crew is going for a "No Mo Chemo" party!!  The girls are also going to have some special time with our great Child Life gal to talk about "stuff."  I imagine we'll even make it to the zoo and maybe a corn maze this week before Craig and the girls head to Virginia to meet with some pretty cool Tri-Delts who are raising money for St. Jude. 

"Look mommy, I promise I'll be careful."

Playing sweetly...for a change!

"Da, let's climb on dat horse."
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  1. LOVE the new Web site! We'll definitely order some stuff from there. What a great initiative your girls have taken on.

    Ingalinga, man.