Saturday October 20th, GFL Goes Green!!

With staying up way too late last night, we didn't all make it to Madison's game this morning!  Ingram was the last one up and even missed breakfast with friends because he was so exhausted and still sleeping.  Craig got Madison to her game and she played awesome on the field!  While she was at the game, we were at home and the Laffoon's made it back from their game.  The rest of the kids (and us adults) played outside since it was such a beautiful day.  We had a great lunch of chili and hot dogs that sweet friends brought the night before and it was perfect!  We put Beau in his kennel and we all ate outside in the yard and played until it was time to go our separate ways. 

Literally, we all went separate ways this afternoon!!  Lindsey had an early Halloween party in one part of Germantown, Madison was in another part of Germantown with her soccer team eating lunch after the game, and Ingram was invited to Collin's football game in another part of Germantown.  Poor Collin ends up going to all of our soccer games and practices since his sister Emily is also on the team but we finally were able to go watch Collin play!  I think both of the boys were super excited too!  Collin plays in Germantown Football League, also known as GFL, and it's a huge deal here in town.  Not having a boy until now, I had no idea how huge this is; it's seriously like the NFL for every age division!  We have so many friends that play in GFL and we were asked by Bill Goold( we've known Bill and his wife Shannon since way before any of us had kids) if GFL could support Ingram and raise funds for St. Jude this season; we said yes immediately and they went into overdrive with all sorts of ideas for raising money.

When we showed up today, we were overwhelmed!  Before we even got into the fields we saw three different people with Team Ingram shirts on just in the parking lot; then once we got closer, I started crying.  Friends had sent us messages and pictures of people there with our shirts on, but I seriously lost it when I saw it myself!  People that we didn't even know were wearing our Ingram on their chests, right at their hearts, and I was full of so much emotion that it just started coming out.  People pretty easily figured out that Ingram was THE Ingram and they all started coming over to us to talk and to Ingram to give dukes and hugs and take pictures with him.  Every coach and referee had on a Team Ingram shirt and many of the parents and kids had them on too.  They were selling them at the concession stand and even had Team Ingram signs around the field.  Each team had a different way to raise money and Ingram and the girls knew players on so many of the teams from school and church.  We've never been to anything like this today and Ingram loved it!  He was running around with some of the teams once their games were over and taking pictures and throwing the football and we were just in awe of how much love and support we were receiving. 

When all this started in April, we knew that Ingram was going to be used by God in some way because he's always been a crowd gatherer so to say; we didn't know then and still don't know how all God is going to use Ingram, but maybe we're starting to get maybe a glimpse of it.  For today, I can say that Ingram and the girls are bringing a community together in ways that maybe the rest of us can't.  They're bringing awareness of childhood cancer because Ingram just never stops going and his girls are spreading his story and St. Jude everywhere they go.  But mostly I think Ingram and the girls are bringing God's love to everyone they meet in either a hug, a smile, a high 5, a duke, or a simple conversation.  For everything that Ingram and his girls have gone through in these last 6 and a half months, they all three still have a happiness and a joy in their hearts that we know comes from our Heavenly Father and we pray that they pass it along to everyone they meet!

So This Is Where I Start To Cry! 
We're Still A Good Distance From The Fields And All We See Is Green Shirts!!

Ingram And Our Friend Bill Goold Who Spearheaded The Whole GFL/Team Ingram Idea!

More Green!!! 
We Don't Even Know These Guys And They're Helping Us Conquer Cancer!

Part Of The Concession Stand Crew...All Showing Ingram The Love!

Collin's Team...The Vikings!
Their Coaches Obviously Have On Our Shirts, But Each Player Has His Own Green Sweatband For Ingram!
They Have Green Dots On Their Helmets For Sacs, Blocks, Goals, Punts, Etc Each Game.
The Dots Represent A Dollar Amount Their Parents Donate At The End Of The Season!
Go Vikings!!

Another Team...The Broncos!
They're Also Raising Money For St. Jude!

The Vikings And Ingram!

Ingram With Collin And Three Of The Four Stegall Boys!
All Of These Studs Are Raising Money With GFL AND Running The 5K In December To Raise Money For St. Jude!
These Guys Are Awesome!!
Ingram, By The Way, Is Shoving M&M's In His Mouth....AGAIN!!!

Look At How Cute Ingram Looks On A Sign!
Hair Verses No Hair??
I Love Them Both!
Thanks GFL...You Guys Rock!!

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  1. What a beautiful message. Ingram and the girls keep our spirits high, and we're not even in the same state!