Monday October 15th, A Boring Monday!

It was so nice to have a boring Monday after a non-stop weekend for the whole family!  When I woke the girls up for school and was greeted with "Why do we have Mondays?" I knew that two little girls still needed to catch up on their sleep!  I'm sure the other three of us do too, we just didn't voice it so early in the day. 

At about 10:30am while we were watching Handy Manny, Ingram decided he was ready for lunch.  I told him it was a little early for lunch and suggested a snack instead; he politely disagreed with me and proceeded to get out about 10 different foods that he wanted to eat for lunch and piled them all on the kitchen counter.  I figured if he thought he was that hungry, then maybe I should go ahead and fix it for him.  He ended up eating only 3 out of the 10 things, but did eat more a snack before he went down for his nap.  How I love his naptime; I tend to get about a thousand things done and I am certainly not looking forward to when naps are no longer a necessity!

The girls had a great day at school and Ingram of course had a great day at home...doing nothing!!  We watched cartoons, drew pictures, painted, played with Beau, and played with Play-Doh.  In between all that hard work of playing, Ingram helped me "bag and tag" over 50 shirts to be shipped all over the place.  He even drew the man at the post office a picture to take when we go to drop off some more packages tomorrow. 

Tonight after soccer practice, dinner, homework and showers, I let the girls take over putting Ingram in bed.  They all piled in his bed and looked so cute; the girls had on their Madison Project shirts and Ingram was disquised as Batman!  Madison read Ingram's new Scooby Doo book that he got from the hospital and then they sang Jesus Loves Me, said prayers, and off to sleep he went...after the girls went upstairs and after I went back in there to tell him Goodnight  and then after I went back in to tell him why he had to go to bed and after Pops went in to tell him Goodnight and on and on and on...

Healthy...Oranges, Raisins, Pretzels, Cheerios, Gatorade
Kinda Healthy...Chicken Fries
Unhealthy...Ruffles Potato Chips, Puff Cheetohs, Rasinets, Cookies (That Were The Girls!)
Actual Lunch...Raisins, Chicken Fries, And Orange Gatorade
I Guess You Could Say We Compromised!

Painting (In The Den, I Know I'm Crazy!) And Cartoons!
He Couldn't Even Take His Eyes Off The TV To Look At Me His Show Was Soooo Good!

Sweet Sweet Siblings!

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