Sunday September 30, Another Big Day!

Ingram had another milestone in his treatment today and received his last "Peg" shot!  This shot is given in his leg and definitely hurts; it's not like getting accessed where he's used to it and doesn't move anymore.  This shot is kinda lot a flu shot but instead of being sore for a day or so with a tiny needle, the medicine burns like crazy while it's going in and it lasts for about 5 seconds.  The medicine is super important in helping his counts recover faster from the chemo and is given after every round of chemo.  Today was his fourth and final one of those and we're all happy that he won't have the crocodile tears for that shot anymore!  His weight is down to 14.4kg from 15.2kg before we started chemo on Thursday, but we're not too worried about it right now; he pretty much ate for the first time today after he was weighed and it was only toast!  Once he's feeling better, it should bounce back up and hopefully be able to stay above 15kg from here on out.

Ingram's birthday is actually tomorrow, but we spent the rest of today celebrating Ingram's birthday with friends and family!  Now since Ingram considers everyone his friends, we missed a lot of folks this afternoon.  We didn't miss the rain because it seemed to follow us home from St. Jude this morning and hasn't really stopped yet and it's after midnight.  We had a heated pool, a Scooby Doo bouncy house, and lots of kids running around the house.  The best part was that Ingram stayed in one spot, sitting on top of the kitchen table, just about the whole time talking to everyone and opening presents as fast as he could.  There were so many people that he got to stand on top of the kitchen counter as we all sang "Happy Birthday" to him!  We ate some unbelievably yummy cupcakes from Muddy's Bake Shop, some huge Chocolate Chip Cookies from The Fresh Market, and fun Spider man, Angry Birds, and Confetti cupcakes from Kroger! 

We have tomorrow off from St. Jude but go in Tuesday for all our regular appointments.  Even though chemo is over, we still have to get through the rest of our regular monthly appointments. Typically after a round of chemo, he feels nauseous for several days, then his counts go down and he wears his mask for a week or so till they come up.  He will also most likely get blood and platelet transfusions until his counts fully recover and we still go to weekly lab, clinic, and speech appointments.  After every two rounds of chemo they so specific tests and this is our month for those since it's the fourth round.  He'll have another round of Hearing/Audiology tests to make sure that the Carboplatin didn't hurt his hearing and a round of Kidney tests to make sure the Cyclophosamide didn't hurt his kidneys.  By the time all those are done, it will also be time for our 4-month MRI and Spinal Tap to confirm that there is still no presence of any tumor or cancer cells.  After that, we'll try to figure out what our new normal will be...but for now, we celebrate our Ingram the Conqueror and thank God for everything that He has brought our little man through in his short life!

Our Nurse Ben Celebrating The Last Peg Shot With Ingram Picking Out Of The Treasure Box!
Scooby Doo Isn't Scared Of The Rain And Neither Were We!

Happy Birthday To Ingram!!

I Can't Believe He's Four!
The First Ever Dismuke Party Pinata!
I Have To Admit, I Wanted To Take A Swing At It!

Look At Lindsey's Face!!
We Started With Ingram, Then Went From Youngest To Oldest!
About 100 Swings Later, It Was A Mad Dash For Candy!

Ingram And Lola!
It Was At Ingram's Three Year Old Party That Ingram Went To Lola's Dad And Said...
 "I'm Going To Marry Lola!"
A Year Later, Nothing Has Changed!


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