Friday October 5th, Change Of Plans!

We had planned on Thursday night to have a major pajama day for Friday and even made sure the girls were off to school on time so that we wouldn't have to go anywhere.  Ingram was in his favorite pajamas and we were even enjoying the pretty day outside playing with Beau.  A friend stopped over during the morning for t-shirts and we had fun playing with them for a bit too.  After we had a late lunch, I was about to put Ingram down for a nap so I could get stuff done and the phone rang.

Ugh!  It was school and Lindsey's wire on her braces was all messed up and poking her cheek and also coming out the front of her mouth.  I should have taken a picture but she was past the point of it being funny and was getting upset with how long it was taking me to fix it.  We're not strangers to wire malfunctions and normally can fix it without help; today was a different story!  I spent about 20 minutes in the school office and clinic (Yes, Ingram was with me with an ANC of ZERO wearing a mask where all the sick kids go!!) trying to finagle the wire and clip it so that I could pull it out.  Nothing!!  It was stuck and she was in tears about it; I checked her out for the last 2 hours of school so that we could figure out how to fix it.  We called everyone under the sun and finally had a sweet dentist friend that was going to meet us in 2 hours to fix it so Lindsey was happy about that.  Mommy on the other hand was not giving up; we came home and tried for another 20 minutes and FINALLY it was out!  She's got a little mouth and I've got little hands, but it's pretty difficult to get into the back of her mouth where the wire was stuck!    

So since she was out of school for another hour and a half and was perfectly fine, we skipped Ingram's nap and headed to the grocery for a few things, to Baskin Robbins to bring home some half-gallons of Chocolate and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and to find The Avengers for movie night.  The last proved a little more difficult that expected, but none the less, we prevailed and found it!  We had almost forgotten about a sleepover for Madison; she missed out on our party to have one with friends house in the neighborhood and we let Lindsey sleep with Ingram in our room when it came time for bedtime.  Our party consisted of Ingram and Lindsey setting up a picnic in the den for us to eat dinner as we watched The Avengers.  And since Ingram skipped his nap, he also skipped out on the majority of the movie and went to bed around 8:30pm while the rest of us stayed up too late watching the movie!  So glad we have weekends to attempt to catch up on sleep!

This Is The After Picture Once Her Wire Was All The Way Off!
I So Wish I Had The Before Picture, But She Was Too Upset.
Just Imagine A Wire Coming Out At A 90 Degree Angle In The Middle And The Far Right!

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