Sunday October 28th, Surprise??

Sunday morning was soooo nice!  We made it to church after stopping for some Gibson's Donuts for Madison and Ingram.  In less than 10 minutes, Ingram ate a whole glazed donut; can we say calories...woohoo!  It's always comical how long it takes us to get to where we're suppposed to go once we get to church.  The kids always make it to their rooms pretty quickly, but Craig and I wind up talking in the hallways, the stairwells, and even right outside our rooms probably 90% of the time.  Today was no different and we wouldn't trade any of the conversations for anything!  I have to admit that I beat Craig into service; it only took me an hour to get into the service once I was inside the building and he never made it. 

As we left church, we laughed because even though my birthday was Thursday, we still hadn't been able to go out to dinner as a family and celebrate, which is what we do for birthdays.  We did today... and even madeit to an ice cream store right outside the restaurant!  We went to Chilli's for lunch and sat at the very back table of the restaurant and had a great time together.  We ate so much food, but all three of the kids said they still had room for Baskin Robbins so off we go!  Once we were home, I put Ingram down for his nap (he tried the "I slept in the car" trick again but it didn't work) and this time Mommy laid down with him for a little nap.  Once he fell asleep, I hopped up and snuck out so that I could figure out who needed to go where next and how it was all going to happen.  Madison had Abby coming over and Lindsey had soccer and I had time to sit and get our week figured out... I thought!

After I made dinner plans with the Wingfields, Craig called from practice and told me I had an hour to get dressed and ready and hung up the phone!  What????  I tried to call him back and he didn't answer; I even texted him and he didn't answer!  Madison tried to get him and he wouldn't answer and I had no idea what was going on!  All I know is I had dinner literally about to go in the oven; friends coming over in less than 30 minutes; Madison, Ingram, and Abby are playing in the den; and I've got be ready to go in less than an hour.  Did I mention I had changed into running pants and a t-shirt and pulled my hair into a ponytail???

I hopped in the shower and attempted to get dressed really quickly.  I had no idea what was going on since he wouldn't answer and was trying to figure out what to wear.  I know, it's crazy to be worrying about clothes, but I don't have the greatest fashion sense and I have no idea where I'm going or what I'm doing, so I just start putting on clothes.  Then it hits me, the kids?  What am I going to do about the kids?  I don't have dinner.  I don't have a sitter.  Frankly, it's a bad idea and I'm not going anywhere.  I haven't left Ingram in 7 months and haven't been out with my husband on a date in even longer.  I CAN'T leave!!  Craig gets home from soccer practice and hops in the shower after he tells me to keep getting dressed and that he's taking me out on a date.  He doesn't seem to be understanding the fact that I can't leave Ingram at home, that we shouldn't go, or the fact that I'm not going!  He's so sweet and he hugs me and tells me that we're leaving and everything is taken care of with the kids and our sweet sitter Rebecca is at the house and that it's time to go. 

After crying for a bit, I finally agreed to go and made it out of the bedroom and into the kitchen where the kids were but it didn't seem to phase them that I was leaving.  Next is the laundry room where I got stuck and couldn't go any farther; if I went any farther, I would be in the garage and that would mean I would be leaving and I just couldn't do that.  My sweet Craig could tell how hard this was and he was being so sweet and patient and letting me cry while he opened the door and walked me to the car.  I cried some more as we left the driveway and of course while we were driving and he just held my hand and told me how much he loved me and how proud of me he was.

We got to the restaurant, which wasn't our usual birthday restaurant, and I was so excited because we hadn't eaten there in probably 10 years.  It was Folks Folly and is one of the best steak restaurants in town.  If we're going to go out for the first time in 7 months, it might as well be nice.  It wasn't just nice, it was fantastic... and I'm not just talking about the food.  We were led to our table and it ended up not being a table for two at all.  It was a whole room of 16 of the sweetest couples in the world, including my parents who drove down from Jackson, all waiting to surprise me for my birthday dinner!  Have I mentioned I have the sweetest husband in the world???? 

I was in total shock and have never been 100% without a clue when it comes to stuff like that; I seriously don't think it has sunk in yet.  I honestly don't think I can put into words how special tonight was and those that were there know that I had no words (or at least any words that made sense) when I tried to thank everyone before we all went home.  I honestly felt like the most special gal in the room and was so honored to have my dear friends come away from their families and their committments to spend the evening with us to celebrate my birthday. 

Without Craig by my side and without our faith in God, I don't think we could have been able to get through these past 7 months without our friends.  Our friends have prayed for us, prayed with us, prayed over us, taken care of our kids while we were unable to, and taken care of our basic needs while we were fighting for Ingram.  Those who know me best, know my heart is full and how much tonight meant to me... even though I almost didn't even make it out the door! 

Happy Birthday Lunch To Me!
Celebrating With My Crew!

I Love You Craig!
You Made Me Feel More Special Than I Ever Thought Possible!
I Thank God For Creating You To Be My Husband!

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