Thursday October 11th, Watch Out Virginia!!!

Sooooo 4:30am came very early this morning!  It came so close to when we went to bed that I'm pretty sure we overslept; I ran upstairs to get the girls up and dressed while Craig got dressed.  Craig and the girls took off for the airport in all smiles and I fell back asleep until around 9:15am when Ingram woke up.  We went to St. Jude for what was supposed to be a very short day of just drawing labs and then getting the results.  With an hour to spare in between the two appointments, we ate lunch (at least I did, Ingram decided to NOT eat his grilled cheese) and played with our friends while we waited. 

Five and a half hours later, we finally left the Medicine Room after getting a platelet transfusion.  Ingram's platelets dropped another 15,000 points and leaving today without a transfusion wasn't even an option.  Since Ingram had to have Benedryl before his transfusion, a nap in the medicine room was what the doctor ordered.  After our extended stay, Ingram finally decided that he was hungry...for Doritos, Honey Nut Cheerios, and a popsicle.  We decided that an anticipated 2 hour day turning into a 7 and a half hour day deserved a special treat on the way home; we stopped at Gibson's Donuts to get Ingram some extra calories...donuts and milk!!

When we got home, Mimi and Pops were there to hang out with us while Craig and the girls are off on their trip to Virginia.  Speaking of their trip, we've talked, texted, and seen pictures of all the fun their having so far.  Craig has already spoken at his conference and the girls have had one of their meetings with the Tri-Delts.   They were at James Madison Univeristy today and had a great time meeting all the girls there; I think they were overwhelmed a little with unexpected gifts, but at the same time, those gifts made them feel so special!  I'm not going to tell any more about their trip, but I have a feeling the girls are going to be adding some pictures and writing about their trip with Daddy!

Daddy And His Girls Heading To Off at 6am For A Fun Few Days!
Watch Out Virginia...You'll Never Be The Same After You've Met These Three!

Loving The Doritos Snuggled Up Waiting On Platelets!

Ingram's Dinner Consisted Of Honey Nut Cheerios And A Popsicle.
We Did Add A Donut AND Milk On The Way Home From St. Jude!

Ingram And Helen Playing With His Airplane!
Helen Gives The "CLEAR" Once Ingram's Ready To Launch If No One Is In The Line Of Fire.
Only Once Did They Almost Hit Someone...And It Was Our Own Dr. Gajjar!!!

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  1. Mmmm... donuts. I like the way you think, Ingram.

    Matt is looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Maybe you can go out for donuts then, too.