Sunday October 21st, Hot Dogs, Mexican, And Ice Cream!...Oh My!!

We made it to church this morning and Ingram walked to Wee Worship with just Madison.  He had a great time and he told me he even walked back down to his Sunday School room and didn't cry.  He's starting to get the hang of this whole "leaving Mommy thing" and it's kind of exciting.  He has still been talking about what Mrs. Brokke and Mrs. Brenda taught him last week and I have a feeling this week is going to be no different!  I didn't even pick him up either; the girls went to his room since they dropped him off and I met them in the hallway after class. I guess this whole "leaving Mommy thing" might be easier than I'm thinking! 

After church we went to the picnic outside and it was sooooo much fun!  He was running around like a crazy kid and getting balloons, jumping in a bouncy house, and getting face paint too.  He even ate a whole hot dog with a bun which he's never done before in his life; I think he wanted to eat like the big boys that he was sitting with at the picnic.  Only once did he have the "I'm about to throw up" look and it was because he was trying to eat so much at once so he could go play.  Seriously, this kid has had  4 or 5 hot dogs in the past 24 hours and after banning them for so long, maybe he'll not eat one again for a while!

We snuck out and headed home for a quick nap at home instead of staying at church all day playing.  He had an important date to get ready for...or I guess I should say dates!  He was asked to come back to the GFL fields to have his picture taken with the cheerleaders and the football players on the Saints team.  He was really excited about seeing the football guys, but really turned on the charm when the girls came over.  Ingram had eleven cheerleaders hanging all around him; yep, he was a happy guy!  Since we didn't make it to Madison's game, we picked her up from the Whelans house and she was all hyper and sugared up from Gracie Bleu!  The girls were taking crazy pictures and finally got Ingram into taking some too.  They decided to make an "I" on the grass and we were standing in the wrong place so it looked like an "H;" luckily we had Madison and Emily there to tell us where to go so we had the correct letter of the alphabet!

Dinner and dessert were just as crazy!  The Wingfields met us at El Mezcal for dinner then we headed next door to TCBY.  Typically, I don't get my own ice cream anymore but instead wait for Ingram to have his two bites and say he's done.  Tonight was no different except that he talked the gal into putting gummi bears in his ice cream and they were oh so yucky!  Apparently Ingram thought the same thing or else the hot dogs and Mexican food had caught up with him because his belly was hurting him; it was getting close to time for his "belly medicine" too.  After a few trips to the restroom, he felt better and went on to play outside the ice cream store (in the dark since it was nighttime) on the parking blocks trying to walk sideways and backwards.  He was doing a great job and his doctors and nurses would have been proud of him, but I think I was just too nervous since he almost fell a couple times; thankfully Daddy got him off the parking blocks for me.  Then all 6 kids started running all the way down the shopping center sidewalk!  I finally gave up and went to get the car to go home before Ingram got hurt.  There's no need in ruining a perfectly good weekend with a trip to the hospital!

Ingram With The GFL Saints Football Players AND Cheerleaders!

Oh Yeah...Rock Star Status Once Again With The Girls!

Say "Ingram!"

Ingram, Collin, Emily, And Madison
Can You See The Sugar-Glaze in Madison's Eyes??

Ingram May Not Be In School Right Now, But At Least He Knows His "I!"

My Favorite Men!

Madison, Abby, Ingram, Matt, Kate, and Lindsey
Notice The Two That Had To Be Held In Place For The Picture!!

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