Tuesday October 2nd, More Birthday Fun!

After staying up wayyyy to late last night, I had to wake the girls up to "get their move on" so that they wouldn't be late for school.  I don't think they were happy with me, but they made it to school on time and had great days!  At St. Jude today, Ingram walked around telling everyone he was four now and then politely told everyone "Danks!" after they told him "Happy Birthday!"  Even our friend Mae and her mom Tricia found us and brought Ingram some Raisinets, some books, and a flashlight and they were sooo cute talking about the present and his birthday!  Birthdays are very special at St. Jude and I didn't know how special until...

Our whole clinic staff came into Room #6 with balloons tied to a t-shirt, a poster they had all signed, and confetti that was being thrown as they were singing "Happy Birthday" to Ingram.  He loved it!!  Well at least until the end when he thought he had confetti in his eye; luckily the confetti didn't get in his eye and he was fine.  They were all so sweet and Ingram picked up some confetti and threw it at them too...even at Dr. Gajjar!

The rest of our day was great with Ingram making his own pizza for lunch at SJ; for some reason though he didn't eat it and instead had a bag of Doritos!  Then we came home and Mr. David stopped by after his classes, but the funny thing was that all three of the kids asked him "Where's Miss Laurie?"  Guess we know who the new favorite of that duo is!  Then it was off to soccer games for the night and Ingram had so much fun and was running around playing; finally he snuggled up in my lap and watched Power Rangers during the second game to help keep warm. 

I think all the fun caught up to Ingram, or maybe it was really the chemo catching him, and he ended up getting rid of I think all the food he had eaten today right as I put him in bed.  He had gained .4kg from Tuesday, but I think it's all gone and maybe even more now.  He asked for his girls to come in the bathroom with him so they could also rub his back to make him feel better while he was getting sick.  They were so sweet and tried to help him feel better; eventually he went to sleep after an additional dose of a second "belly medicine." 

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day with no getting sick; we're sticking around the house and will be watching movies that he got for his birthday and just laying low in our pjs.  Please continue to pray for all the children who have cancer and their families, especially the Christensen, Bland, and Adams families.  Also please pray for the friends of all these families because we know cancer doesn't just affect the families, it also affects their friends. 

I almost forgot about some more fundraising news... another sweet friend of mine, Jane Tosh, is creating stationary in honor of Ingram called "Ingram's Cards" and she's on FaceBook (Ingram's Cards) and also has a web page (http://wtsurgical.com/ingramscards.htm ) for folks to check out all she has created and place their own custom order.  All the proceeds of her sales will go towards St. Jude and she's also on Team Ingram as a Hero running in the St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend!  I've already placed my order for a set of cards for my girls and myself, but am now thinking how fun these could be for teacher gifts, birthday gifts, and even stocking stuffers!  Check out her stuff and place your order during the month of October to help raise money for St. Jude and get super cute cards at the same time!

We Just Love Our Sweet Mae And Her Family!

You Have No Idea How Much Confetti There Was!!!
We Brought Some Home Also In A Bag, On Our Clothes, In Our Ears...
After Creating His Own Pizza, It Was A Bag Of Doritos That Sounded Good For Lunch!

Waiting On Our Medicine From The Pharmacy And Eating Another Bag Of Doritos!

It's About 8:30pm And He's Still Trying To Keep Up With His Girls!

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