Monday October 22nd, Candy!!

Kids Conquering Cancer (Madison and Lindsey's post-Marathon Weekend fundraising name) got a pretty good size donation into the account this morning.  We've been collecting money for the t-shirts and finally made into our bank, Bank Tennessee, this morning to deposit it all.  Ingram loves going to the bank to see all the girls and of course talk them into giving him as much candy as he can carry!  Since we go up there when the girls are at school, he now brings dum dums home for them.  I'll be honest, half the time, he eats them before the girls get home and other times he has them ready when they walk in the door.  Today we also brought "Ingram" bands for the gals since we're always in there and we were shocked at what they did with a silly picture they took of us.  They're raising money for St. Jude in Ingram's honor!!!  We are so excited  and so lucky to be a part of such a great community!!

We also had a few things to pick up at the store and stopped after we were finished at the bank.  Do you ever find yourself wandering around the store just looking at stuff?  Well this morning, Ingram was helping me wander around Target while; about an hour later and a whole buggy load later, we finally checked out and headed back to the house.  We were hungry and it was time for lunch which consisted of turkey, potato chips, and tons of the candy we had just bought for Halloween.  Then for some reason, we continued to eat the candy (M&M's and Hershey Kisses) the rest of the afternoon.  The candy never seems to last till Halloween and it seems that we might have little gremlins in our house that eat it too early!

It was so nice outside today that we just had to play soccer while we waited for the girls to get home from school.  Ingram is quite the soccer player and played against the ultimate opponent this afternoon...Beau!  When we finally catch Beau and get the ball from him, we have to hold his collar and then Ingram takes the ball and kicks the ball toward the goal, usually running and still kicking it the whole way across the yard.  Once they got home, it was the normal stuff of soccer practice, dinner, homework, and showers then 8pm bedtime for Ingram since he didn't take a nap today.  He was asleep before I even shut the door I think! 

Ingram Was Trying To Follow The Ball; It Went Through The Hole, So Why Couldn't He?
At First He Was Getting Upset That He Couldn't Fit.
So What Did I Do?  Pull Out My Phone And Take A Picture Instead!
It Made Him Smile!!

This Break-Away Play May Get Ingram A College Scholarship To Play Soccer One Day!

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