Tuesday October 30th, Change Of Plans...Again!

So until late last night, I totally forgot we had to go St. Jude today.  I really do think sometimes that I'm losing my mind; I've been forgetting school work, forgetting after school activities, forgetting to close the fridge and washing clothes more than once because I can't remember if I washed them or not and more!  I used to say that with each child we had, that part of my brain came out also; now, I blame it on the cancer and that's totally okay with me.  I think for now, all five of us have an excuse to act a little crazy every now and then. 

Speaking of crazy, Ingram started out his day playing with Lay's Barbacue Chips for breakfast and by lunchtime, he was on another bag but still playing with his chips.  Beau decided to try and eat his chips this morning and Ingram promptly told Beau that he had his own breakfast to eat in his bowl and that these chips were his.  It's pretty funny listening to Ingram talk to Beau; even more funny than him talking is that he looked at him as if he was going to respond!

Once we made it to SJ, Ingram had his speech lesson and then we headed for the Medicine Room to get accessed for his monthly infusion of his "lung medicine."  Have I mentioned that getting accessed isn't very easy anymore?  Ingram has kind of regressed and it's almost as bad as it was in the beginning; our nurses and doctors say that it's because he's out of habit since we're not at St. Jude on a daily basis anymore.  We did it though and he got his medicine while he watched a whole Scooby Doo movie and ate lunch.  As if getting poked once wasn't enough, he had to get a second flu shot which of course was another poke and it hurt.  My heart was sad because I had to hold him down twice today which is two times to many!

He fell asleep on the way home and even slept through getting two boxes of shirts from Craig's office!  Unfortuntaely though, the boxes haven't been unpacked yet because we've been too busy to sit down.  We had homework pluse make-up work for both girls, a soccer game for Lindsey and soccer practice for Madison as well as doing all the things I was going to do tomorrow while we were hanging around the house.  We had to do them tonight because we got a call that our MRI had been changed yet again and we're first on the list for tomorrow....at 6:45am!!!  So, we scrambled to get everything taken care of for the girls and packed Ingram's Halloween Costume (the Red Power Ranger) to take with us to the hospital.  We weren't planning to go Trick-or-Treating at SJ since we were off, but now since we're going to be there at the crack of dawn, we'll have plenty of time to collect mass quantities of candy; I suspect Ingram will go to bed early tomorrow night since we'll have to wake him up at 6am and he was still awake after 9pm tonight! 

So...we are on the schedule for MRI of Ingram's brain at 6:45am.  Officially, we will be playing and getting hooked up until about 7:30am; then Ingram will cry (since he hates the sleepy medicine) and be sedated for the imaging that will last about an hour or longer.  He'll go to the recovery room and we should hopefully be by his side sometime between 9 and 10am.  We will also meet with Dr. Gajjar to get our results and even though we know that God is in control and we totally trust Him with Ingram, we, along with our girls and Ingram, have prayed regularly for his scans to be clear and for the cancer to never ever return!

Beau Trying To Eat Ingram's Breakfast!
Apparently Barbacue Potato Chips Are Finger AND Paw Licking Good!

I Started To Tell Him Not To Play With His Food,
But Then Decided Not To Because There Wasn't A Good Reason!
After All, When Else Can I See His Eye Through A Barbacue Chip?

Snuggling With My Little Man Before Bed!

Daddy Was Snuggling With My Little Man Before Bed,
But Then They BOTH Fell Asleep In The Bed!

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