Friday October 26th, Out And About Then Out Like A Light!

This morning we slept late AGAIN!  Overnight, I was exhausted from a too few hours of sleep over the last week and it was also raining.  I don't know about the rest of the population, but that is not a good combination for me!  Luckily, I had planned on driving the girls to school anyway today; it made me laugh though when the bus stopped at our house to pick the girls up and Madison was still in the shower!  We made it to school on time since we bypassed the car line and the girls walked from the front of the school; they had their umbrellas with them to keep them dry so I think they liked it.  Ingram stayed in his pajamas for the day but I changed and off to run errands we went in the rain...because we just had to get them done!

Our favorite stop was to J. Crew to switch around some birthday clothes and we had the best time talking with everyone for well over an hour!  I even had them help me put outfits together with things I already had at home and new things I was wanting to get since I'm not the one in the family with the best eye for fashion.  It was so much fun too; it was like I had a personal shopper with me!  Ingram was great; he played hide and seek, helped me pick out clothes, and danced in front of all the mirrors.  He even broke out his dance in front of everyone where he holds his foot and tries to jump or something; it's kind of like "the sprinkler" for your feet I guess you could say.  He even had to go to the restroom two times and just couldn't figure out why he couldn't go into the back (the stockroom where the restroom and all the clothes/shoes/accessories were stored) by himself.  He's a funny little thing, but of course in Ingram style, he had everyone in the store talking to him and he was telling them about his cancer, his surgery, his St. Jude, and of course his Daddy that took him shopping there "for Mommy for her birthday since she got older."  I just love how he talks to EVERYONE about EVERYTHING!

We also grabbed a quick lunch since it was 1:30pm and we still hadn't eaten lunch.  Let's just say Ingram ate all morning at the house and wasn't quite ready for lunch when normal people eat lunch.  On the way home, I told Ingram that he needed to take a nap when we got home so he could stay up late with Daddy tonight.  We were one street over and he asked if he slept in the car, if he could skip his nap.  While I was laughing I said that he could skip nap if he slept (he didn't realize we were one street away from the house) so of course he shut his eyes and then miraculously woke up when I turned the corner to our house.

Mr. David and Miss Laurie came in town also to celebrate her birthday.  They stopped by the house just in time to walk Lindsey and Beau to Bible Club down the street.  Poor Beau had been outside all day in the cold rain while we were gone.  When we got home, I left him outside because he had chewed open a package that had a very expensive "hospital" thermometer in it!  I decided it would be in his best interest for him to stay outside so nothing "happened" to him while I was mad.  It was a combination birthday present from Craig's parents to both of us even though Craig's birthday was in July.  With everything going on, they couldn't remember if he got a present or not and of course we couldn't either.  We've all been checking our temperatures and shooting the covers at each other and I have to admit, it is pretty fun to do.  No wonder Ingram shoots it every time in the hospital!

Another big event happened tonight...Ingram went to sleep in his own bed in his own room upstairs!!! He has not slept in his room since Monday April 2nd, but with Daddy's help, he went to sleep in his big boy bed.  Of course he was crying and throwing a fit about sleeping upstairs, then once we played in his room and got his bed ready, he decided to throw a fit about wanting to sleep with Mommy.  Madison and Lindsey were great with him and told him all sorts of things that they thought would make sense to him.  I think they both wanted to sleep with him, but we built tonight up as a "boys night" and no girls were allowed!  Craig had his phone and was taking pictures and I think they were playing games too.  He did text me to let me know that Ingram wasn't crying anymore and that he was already alseep.  I texted back about two mintues later and guess who else was asleep!  So the girls are in their room, Craig and Ingram are in Ingram's room, Beau is in his crate, and I get the bed and the whole room to myself...I think I'd rather sleep upstairs with them too.

Stopping By Bank Tennessee Was Our First Errand This Morning.
It Was Raining So We Went In The Drive-Thru Instead Of Going Inside The Bank Today.
They're Sporting Our Bands And Raising Money For Team Ingram. 
Thanks Gals!

Ingram Trying To Squeeze In A Nap One Street Down From Our House!
"But Mommy, I Got All My Sleepy Out!"

Ingram With Mr. David and Miss Laurie
Happy Birthday Miss Laurie!
Getting Ready For Bed In His Big Boy Bed!

Daddy Snuck In The Head Lamp To Play With After It Was Lights Off!
They're Both 4 Years Old Sometimes I Think!!

Less Than 30 Minutes Later, They Are Both Sound Asleep!!
I May Get In Trouble For Posting This, But It's Just Too Cute!

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