Wednesday October 10th, Braces!

Today has been an "All About Madison" kind of day!  She got her braces today and did a great job sitting in the chair.  Craig took her in since Lindsey had a sleepover last night and it was just too early to get Lindsey and crew out the door.  The girls stayed up way late last night making S'mores and then they got hyper from the chocolate.  Go figure!  But, I guess it is still Fall Break!  We dropped off the girls and headed to see Madison's braces and to eat lunch before we rans some errands.  Chick Fil A was right next to the orthodontist office so of course that's where we went for lunch and ice cream; it was even so quick that Daddy was able to eat lunch with us too!  And just so you know, all Madison has talked about is her braces and how sore she's going to be a long ride as we work on getting her teeth looking good!

The girls headed to the park with friends and Ingram came home for a much needed nap!  He, too, has been staying up way too late with all the action at the house and ended up taking about a 3 hour nap.  Once they got home, we watched a movie together, then dinner and showers and off to bed.  Despite having to be on a 6am flight, they're excited though and can't wait to meet the Tri-Delts at UVA and JMU to talk with them about St. Jude and Ingram.  Madison even got two shades of blue bands on her braces in honor of them! 

We head down to St. Jude in the morning to check labs and see how Ingram's platelets are doing.  Despite the transfusion Saturday night, they're still hanging around on the low side of things; the good thing is that all his other counts are recovering like they should.  It's possible that we have another transfusion in the near future for this round, but it also changes daily.  Right now, we're trying to get Ingram to eat a little more because his appetite hasn't come back all the way yet.  I think tomorrow will also be a perfect day to start him back on his appetite stimulant to help "get a move on" in his stomach!

At 10:00pm Ingram And All The Girls Were Still Going Strong!
He Was Cracking Us Up While We Were Making S'mores!

So Long Crooked Teeth And Crazy Bite!
Madison Still Looks Super Cute Showing Off Her Smile And Her CONQUER Shirt!

Hello Braces! 
Don't Worry Bottom Teeth, You'll Get Shiny Soon!
I Love Her Beautiful Blue Eyes And Now She Has Matching Blue Bands On Her Teeth!

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  1. Madison looks great with dental bling. She rocks the colored bands. :-)

    Good luck to the girls in Virginia!