Sunday October 14th, Closer To Normal??

Ingram made another "first" today and we're so excited about it we had to share it!  Ever since April when all this started, Ingram hasn't been into his Sunday School class by himself.  He has either stayed with us the whole time in our class and the service or his girls have gone in his class with him.  During his third round of chemo, we went to church but they had bumped everyone up for the new school year.  He wouldn't go inside his class with us or with his girls; he went into the service that day and sat in my lap the whole time.  Ingram has become a little man of pattern too and has a certain way to do everything...even church!

Well this morning not only did he go into his new Sunday School class, but he also went into Wee Worship for the first time ever!!  This is kind of a bigger deal than just going into his SS class since it's a huge room with all the 3 year olds, all the 4 year olds, and all the 5 year olds combined; it's upstairs and he had only been up there to pick up his girls from choir practice about 2 years ago.  In Wee Worship they sang songs, played a little, watched a puppet show and listened to a lesson and he had a great time!  After that, he walked down the steps with his new class and went into his new classroom without either of his girls!  I had even told the leaders to call me if they had any problems with him and told them all the "if this happens, do this" kind of stuff.  Apparently this Mommy is a little too protective and will be learning to loosen up a little so her little man get back to being a kid. 

We celebrated our big morning with lunch at Panera Bread, seeing the Pierces's new puppies, and eating Bomb Pops that our neighbors the Smith's brought down for the kids.  We also had movie night at the house tonight and watched Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked while we ate dinner in the den.  I'm pretty sure we've seen it before, but I was able to sort a lot of t-shirts while the kids watched the movie, colored on a new pencil/watercolor notepad, and danced to the Chipmunks. 

Tomorrow's plan...absolutely nothing!  We declared it a Pajama Day and plan on sticking around the house in our pajamas instead of running a whole list of the errands that I was pretty sure we'd be doing.  Maybe we'll have some unexpected visitors during the day in their pajamas too!

Yeah Baby!!
Good Thing I Drive A Tank To Haul Around Kids And Cargo!
Thanks To Mike Smith Who Brought Down ALL The Boxes From The Second Floor! 

And Here's What Was Inside!
We've Got Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Youth Sizes, And Adult Sizes!
You Can Order Them At Or Call Us!

Mr. David and Miss Laurie Gave Ingram This Bouncy Ball A While Back.
He Pulled It Out Of The Closet And Did This Over And Over Again!

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  1. Way to go, Ingram! Today, Sunday School. Tomorrow, the rest of the world.