Saturday October 27th, All Day And All Night!!

Saturday morning I woke up to a nice and quite room!! No one was in the room with me which was kind of shocking. I thought for sure that Ingram would sneak out of his bed and head back down to his little bed next to me; but he didn't! He slept in his big bed upstairs in his room with Daddy last night for the first time since April 2nd and we were so proud of him. He came down when they woke up (after 8) and was just the cutest thing.  He talked about sleeping in his room again that night and for 100 more nights. We're not jumping the gun here, but we're pretty excited about it!

Soccer was next in the weekend line up with the girls having practice and it was freezing cold! Some of our sweet friends, the Whelans and the Bargers, had even offered to set up a Team Ingram table and sell t-shirts and take donations for St. Jude. Did I mention that it was cold? It was also windy and they manned the table for hours and had their kids walking up and down the fields making people aware of Childhood Cancer and how they could help. The Germantown Legends/Happy Feet Soccer Organization decided to even have a "Green Out" Day the last game day of the season to raise support for St. Jude and honor Ingram and his girls. We can't wait to see how much green will be out there!   Once again, we're so overwhelmed by the love and support of our community when it comes to Ingram and all the children at St. Jude!

Even though it was already lunchtime, we still had big plans for the rest of the day! We stopped at the store for some new clothes for Ingram since his clothes from last winter are too small. Even though he's shrunk down a little in weight, he's gotten taller and his pants are just a tad too short. The kids had fun though and Ingram ended up with a two pants and a pullover that he should be able to wear for a while. Madison even got lucky and found a couple things for her too! We were exhausted and needed to squeeze in a nap for Ingram before he headed off for the evening; you see, he has quite the social calendar and had two parties in the evening but we couldn't dare go grouchy!

He asked Madison to sleep with him and she tricked him into going to sleep while she pretended to sleep. Once he was out, she scooted on over to the floor and played on her computer, but stayed in the room with him since she told him she'd still be with him when he woke up. That sweet girl didn't want to upset him since this whole "sleeping in his room" thing is new. Lindsey became a black panther while they were upstairs for her Halloween/Birthday party; she started out as a black cat, but honestly drawing on her face was so much fun that we turned pretty much the whole thing black and off she went roaring to the party.

So before cancer, I was pretty good at keeping plans together and dates and times and all straight. Well, with the party Lindsey had, the party Ingram had, and our neighborhood party, I mixed up all the times and Ingram got to his party an hour late!   But even though he was there an hour late, he still managed to play on the bouncy slide, jump on the trampoline with about 10 kids (that is until I caught him and got him off!), run around outside in cold, wet socks, and EAT THREE HOT DOGS WITHIN AN HOUR!!! Seriously, he ate 3 hot dogs and had lemonade, chips, and cakeicing too. We never started back his appetite stimulant but I'm starting to wonder if he's somehow found some steroids and started eating those instead!   He's making up for lost time I guess on the eating and I'm really excited to see what he's going to weigh next time we go to St. Jude!

After we played with everyone, we headed to pick up Peanut from her party but she was not very happy with me!   I got there late and missed the show; Alexandra's mom had taught them the dance moves to Micheal Jackson's "Thriller" and I totally missed it. Oh if I had a camera for the face Lindsey made, she would not be thought of as the angel that she is. So off to the house to drop her off and get Madison from the neighborhood party. Ingram had already been outside for much of the day so I left him with Lindsey and Craig at home; our friend and "bus buddy" Shelia Ferguson, set up a Team Ingram table and sold shirts at the party with our neighbors.  I guess a neat thing is that our neighborhood is so big that not many people knew what was going on and now, through our friend Shelia, they know now. It's so fun to meet new people and to get to talk about Ingram, the girls fundraising efforts, and St. Jude!

So by now it's after 8pm and we could all pretty much just chill out and go to bed, but instead we decide to go to Haunted Houston!   It's our neighborhood middle school and they were putting on a haunted house; we knew people going so we went to check it out. Oh my goodness, our kids were crazy!   You'd think normal 4, 8, and 10 year olds might start to wind down at night...not out kids, I think they were just getting cranked up for the evening!  They were running around the school like they owned it with their friends and we don't even go there yet!  I'm a little nervous about what next year is going to look like when we actually have Madison there.   We ran into several families we knew and wound up in the cafeteria area watching the kids run around with all the energy in the world, especially Ingram! That joker talked Craig into getting a bag of M & M's at 9pm at night and it sent him into overdrive; then the music came on and well, who can sit still when there's music playing?? Certainly not the Dismuke or Wingfield children; they had so much fun dancing and I think we had as just much fun watching them. Thank goodness for bedtime that happened around 10pm and for the second night in a row, Ingram slept in his bed in his room with Daddy!

Look At Him Now!
He CONQUERed His Fear Of Sleeping In His Room...With The Help Of Daddy And His Girls!
Looking Good Sleepyheads!

Germantown Legends Soccer Going Green For Ingram And St. Jude!
Thanks To The Whelans And The Bargers For Braving The Wind And Cold To Raise Money For St. Jude!

They Even Ran Into Zach Randolph From The Memphis Grizzlies
While They Were Scouting The Crowds For Donations!
Have No Fear...Ingram The Conqueror Is Here!

Madison And Shelia Ferguson At The Neighborhood Party.
Her Costume For The Party Was Crazy Team Ingram!
Thanks Shelia For Manning The T-Shirt Table.
Carol And Ben Wingfield Were Pretty Brave To Take This Crew Into The "Scary" Haunted Houston!
We Had Foot Smashers, Screamers, Hiders, And Hangers In The Crew!
These Little Kids Were Teaching The Middle Schoolers A Thing Or Two About Dancing!
Go Kate, Matt, Ingram, And Christina!

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