Saturday October 6th, Another Change Of Plans!

Craig and Ingram got invited to a "Men's Breakfast" with another family to start out their Saturday morning.  Craig and Ingram met Andy, Andrew, and Si Pierce at Perkins Restaurant for some "man time" and Ingram had a great time.  However, leaving the house was a different story and I wasn't sure they were going to make it!  Ingram was crying and throwing a major fit and didn't want anything to do with leaving the house without Mommy. Finally we just buckled him in Craig's car and then Lindsey was ready to get started on some fun stuff.  I did call and check on Ingram and Craig and by the time they were down the street, Ingram wasn't crying anymore but instead was being a non-stop chatter box!  Of course I had to send a text with a bunch of stuff that I thought Craig needed to know and then I got a picture of Ingram with suction cup darts stuck on his head.  I figured they didn't need me interupting them anymore!  Ingram also told me that he went shopping for me and told me he got me a birthday shirt; for the record, I didn't ask what color it was or what store he was in because I knew he and Daddy did a little more than just breakfast since they didn't get back until almost 1pm and they left at 8am!

At the house, we got a bunch of stuff done including picking up Madison from her slumber party.  That crazy girl stayed up till 5am and she was sooooo tired and I knew a nap was in her future; it was just a matter of time till she conked out!  We ran a few errands and came back home to Madsion sound asleep in the den so we tried very hard not to wake her up; we didn't want any bears coming out of hibernation too early!  The kids spent the rest of the day hanging around the house with Craig watching movies and playing while I went and enjoyed a little "retail therapy."  While I was figuring out what we were having for dinner, the kids were playing around and I heard some crying. 

It was Ingram...he had bonked his head on the door from the kitchen to the laundry room and there was a small red spot.  Then the red spot started swelling a little and in less than a minute later it was a full blown "squishy" knot.  We've been in this situation before when Ingram hit his head on the garage; he got a knot just like this about a while back two days before he was due for labs and a platelet transfusion.  That time we had to head in and wound up getting labs and our transfusion early and guess what...the exact same thing happened this time too except we only had about 14 hours left of trying to keep him from any injuries.  Oh well, we just like to keep the doctors and nurses at St. Jude on their toes!

I left with Ingram at 7pm and called the Medicine Room as we were driving out of the neighborhood and we pulled back in the driveway at 2am!  Craig was in charge of the girls and they ended up still having their movie night watching Madagascar 2 and eating Royal Panda and Sonic for dinner.  These are the kind of things that are our new normal, but they just get in the way of our plans sometimes.  Last night, we were planning on having another movie night, but this time Madison was going to be there!  The funny thing about our trip to SJ tonight was that we went ahead and had the transfusion so we didn't have to go back Sunday morning.  Everyone also got a kick out of the picture of Ingram with darts on his head and laughed even more as they realized the darts are what caused the bruising in the circle shape on his head, which is another sign of a needed transfusion.  Nothing like a platelet transfusion to kick start a full week of Fall Break!!

Dart Head!
This Is What Happens When I Leave Daddy In Charge!
They Have Fun And Both Act Like Little Men!

Ingram Snuggled Up Sleeping Next To Me At 1am During His Platelet Transfusion.
You Can Also See One Of The Circle Bruises From The Dart Above His Ear!

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