Saturday September 29th, DONE!!!

Today was a huge day!  We finished chemo last night and all spent the night together in the hospital for what we hope is our last inpatient stay.  There's always the chance of having to go inpatient in case Ingram gets a fever or has anything abnormal happen, but for the most part, we're done with having to spend the night in the hospital.  We played around the hospital all morning, painted the windows of our room, and had people keep signing our smiley face flower and Ingram was loving it.  The kids were even playing with the "flushers" after we were all packed up and ready to go.  Ingram was hiding behind the door waiting on Craig to come out and shoot him with a syringe full of water; he was so proud of himself since he was able to get Daddy all wet!!  We still have to finish out our round with regular lab visits, clinic appointments, transfusions, and such, but today was the last of the drugs!!

We chose to postpone our "No Mo Chemo!" party until we were in our Clinic with all of our nurses and doctors; but not having the hospital party didn't stop us from partying it up at home.  We celebrated the occasion by...getting our flu shots!  I know, terrible huh?  That's what Madison was saying over and over again as we were forcing her to get her flu shot.  Ingram got his today before we left the hospital and they wanted us to get ours as soon as we could, so we went ahead and did it.  The sweet girl that gave us our shots was so excited about Ingram finishing chemo that she took him out into the store and let him pick out a toy that she could buy him.  Even though we kept telling her she didn't need to do that, she insisted and he picked out a suction cup dart gun that he has been playing with all day.  

We spent the rest of the day getting ready for Ingram's birthday party and even ate a quick dinner out while we were picking up some cookies and cupcakes.  Well, most of us ate dinner; Ingram fell asleep instead of eating his dinner.  The poor little guy was so tired that even a waffle, eggs, and lemonade couldn't keep him awake to eat.  He did at least drink some lemonade, calorie packed apple juice, and Gatorade. We don't expect him to be super hungry right now, but hope his appetite will pick up in a couple days.  

We head down to SJ first thing in the morning for his Peg shot to help his counts recover faster then hopefully by the time we're home, a giant Scooby Doo bouncy house will be in the front yard for Ingram's birthday party.  He's so excited about being 4, but I think he's going to keep saying that he's 3 and a half for a little longer!  Hopefully he'll have a fun birthday party and that will help him to have fun even if he's not feeling 100%; he loves playing with his friends and can't wait for 3:00 to get here!

Craig, Lindsey, And Madison Slept In Our "Parent" Room While I Stayed In With Ingram.
Craig Had The Couch And The Girls Made Pallets On The Floor.
They Loved Being Up There, Even With Sleeping On The Floor!!

Our Fabulous Window Art!
All Five Of Us Took Turns Being A Kid And Painting!
Daddy And Ingram Watching TV In The Bed Together.
Notice Any Similarities??

Ingram Was Hiding Behind The Dresser And Soaked Craig And The Pillow.

Ingram Heading Out Of St. Jude After He Finished His Last Round Of Chemo!!
He's Such A Stud!!!!!

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  1. Go Ingram! I am so happy for your family!

    I found you through your Daughters' St. Jude Heroes pages (I work at SJ and recognized the last name) and have been reading your blog and praying for you guys ever since! You have an amazing family. :)