Friday August 10th, Energy Back Already?!?!

This morning started a little early for Ingram, but I talked him into going back to bed since it was only 5am!!  Thankfully, he fell back asleep till 7:30am.  Lindsey came galloping downstairs ready for school by then too but Madison still in the back to keep her fever away from Ingram. 

Ingram had a slow start to his day but by lunchtime he was at full speed running through the hospital.  He ate 4 chicken nuggets in the car and I think he would have eaten more if I had any.  When we got to St. Jude, we checked in to get his "Peg" shot but it wasn't ready yet.  Since they weren't ready, we headed up to see Mae and get our lunchbox that I had forgotten in the fridge.  Ingram was once again yelling "Mae, Mae, Mae" as we were walking down the hall towards her room.  We (me and Tricia) talked and they (Ingram and Mae) talked and compared shot sites and then we were off.   

By the time we got back downstairs, they had already called us so we headed back for his shot.  This is a post-chemo shot to help his counts recover faster and it can't be given through his port.  We do it on Ingram's leg but we still put on magid cream to help with the poke.  The shot itself does actually hurt (from what some of the older patients have told us) and Ingram definitely agrees.  He's so brave though and did a great job; he started to get upset, but then if was over so off to the treasure box to pick a toy he went.

After naptime, something happened that I didn't expect...he wanted to outside and play and then even wanted to ride his scoooter.  We rode to the swing two doors down and played in the swings for a while and then I thought he'd had enough.  When we were back at the house, he decided that he wanted to keep going.  We walked to the other corner then saw friends in the cove and went down to the cove and played for a bit before walking home.  He managed to eat one more chicken nugget and drank some gatorade before heading off to bed.  So the food count for today is 5 nuggets, 12 ounces of Gatorade, and about 10 ounces of fruit punch.  Hopefully all this playing will help him to drift off to sleep fast and stay asleep till maybe 8 in the morning?  It will be Saturday morning...I can hope right?

Boys love tractors!
Ingram's yelling and Beau is barking!!

Super fun toy from the treasure box today!
We've been flying these things all over the house today!!

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