Wednesday August 1st, Don't Worry - Live Life!

From dad...

I think those of you who read this regularly know that I am not that good at writing this; but, that's my job tonight apparently.  So I am don't really know what all happened today, which is pretty typical.  What I do know is that when I get home from work nowadays, my house feels like a combination of Chuck E' Cheese, the zoo, a circus, and a rock concert.  While this journey is tough emotionally, the kids are handling it remarkably well.  People always ask me how Ingram's spirits are.  In a word, they are great.  However, he doesn't have much of a choice with "his girls" chasing him around constantly.  Tonight when I got home, the girls' project was pulling Ingram's hair out - literally.  It started falling out two days ago and now it's flowing like a hairy river (I'm not sure where that analogy came from but it's late).  And not surprisingly, he loves it.  He told me several times tonight, "'s so fun to pull my hair out."  I asked him if he wanted to shave it and he said "no," that he wanted to let it keep falling out.  The girls have enough for a small wig in a ziplock bag.  I took the circus to TCBY tonight and Ingram even wanted to pull some out there.  How do you explain to a three year-old that people don't like hair floating around when they are eating, particularly when it is "so fun" to pull it out?  Ingram is such a stud and reminds me everyday that I am way too consumed with trivial things.  He is a constant reminder that God created us for something much greater than the banal concerns of this world.  

Life is full of fun.  No time to worry about hair falling out... or not having a bathing suit!


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  1. Ingram's going to look great with his new 'do. Keep your spirits high, team!