Thursday August 2nd, Bad Hair Day?!

Today it was very apparent that Ingram wasn't going to have hair for much longer.    If you could have seen Ingram yesterday at lunch and then today at lunch you would be astounded!  We decided to take it into our hands and help his hair come out "The Dismuke Way!"  It's very tempting to run our fingers through his hair and see how much hair comes out because it's just been falling out all over the place.  So much has been falling out (and the girls and Ingram have been pulling it out) that Madison and Lindsey have started collecting his hair in a little baggie for some reason.  I guess it's the same reason that we kept his hair from his surgery in April too.

He also had some fun in the backyard today messing with the pool stuff.  He put on his work goggles, or "gobbles" as he calls them, and helped the guys with measuring with his little measuring tape.  He was double checking everything and making sure that Jay and his guys were giving him the biggest and best pool possible.  Ingram is soooo ready to jump off the board and asks every day if its ready to swim yet. 

Tonight I left Craig, Ingram, and Madison home while I went to pick up Lindsey from a birthday party.  I knew when I got back things would not be as I left them.  More specifically, Ingram's hair wouldn't be the same when I got back.  I got a text message with a picture while I was driving and had to read it right away based on what I thought I saw.  It wasn't Ingram's head in the picture; it was Craig's head with half of his hair shaved off by Ingram, and I just started laughing!  Ingram was a little bit anxious about having different-looking hair so Craig did it with him.  I was so proud of my men and Ingram thinks he's just the coolest kid in the world with the coolest dad in the world!

Lunchtime entertainment at Russo's New York Pizzeria!

I think I need to double check these measurements!
Notice the hair difference in this picture and the last few days also.

"Looks good Mr. Jay, now just get the water in there;
I'm ready to jump off the board!!!"

Ingram shaved Daddy first and Daddy shaved Ingram next!
Ingram even nicknamed them "Baldy" and "Shorty" while Madison took the official photos!

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  1. Looks great, fellas! I love your new look. Tres chic!