Wednesday August 14th, From Mundane to Awesome!

Today started out to be one of those days that's just kind of boring.  We got the girls off to school and went for a scooter ride three houses down to the swings with Beau on his leash and Ingram in his mask.  We enjoyed the nice cool air for about 30 minutes while we waved to everyone else heading out to school and work.  We probably did that at least 4 other times today, except it just wasn't as cool as that first walk.  Sometimes that's the only way we get outdoors and I have to convince him to go even though he has to put on his mask which he despises!

We were just piddling around the house playing, watching cartoons, and working on the laptop when a surprise phone call came from the folks at ALSAC.  It turns out that a special guest is coming to St. Jude for a tour on Friday and they asked us to meet them and talk a bit.  We're so excited to be able to do this because we get to share Ingram's story with someone that has the financial capabilities to really help St. Jude.  I'm already nervous, but I know it's just silly; plus, who couldn't love Ingram?

Before dinner, Craig called from the airport in New Mexico and was about to head back towards Memphis.  He was calling with news that he had gotten donations for St. Jude while he was on his business trip out of the blue!  I could tell how excited he was and also how shocked he was at the same time.  Raising money for St. Jude is so exciting; no matter what the size of the donation, each one makes a difference in the life of a patient and family with cancer! 

Just when we thought our day was over, a surprise package came in the mail addressed to the kids without a senders name on it, just a store name.   We were so excited and opened it to find a whole set of window paints!  Look, I know someone who reads this blog sent them because we wrote about them from our inpatient stay last week.  So to whoever you are we just want to say "THANK YOU!!!!" You made our afternoon perk up a ton as we decorated the kitchen windows! 

My Windows Will Never Need Curtains Again!
Thanks Again To Our Anonymous Gift Giver!!

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  1. Those paints look like a ton of fun! Your kids are such artists!