Friday August 24th, Road Trip!

We took a road trip to Jackson Tennessee today and it was soooo much fun!  We checked the girls out of school early and while we were waiting, Ingram was talking to all the gals in the office and handing out his "Ingram the Conqueror" green bands.  We kept him inside the office to minimize the possible germs he might get; later in the day though, I realized the maximum germs would be in the office since the clinic is in there too.  I'm putting up my "No Germs Allowed" sign in hopes of deterring any unwanted guests to the Dismuke house.

So off to Jackson we go to meet Keli McAlister from WBBJ News; she wanted to meet at my sisters house so that Ingram and the girls would feel more comfortable and that was the perfect location to hang out for the day.  Craig and I went to Union University with Keli and I roomed with her a few years and it was fun to catch up too.  Keli talked with each of the kids in their own interviews; yes, even Ingram answered questions and even added his own stuff to her list.  By the end of his time with Keli, he was starting to really get a little funny and decided to tell her that sometimes he has "to go pee pee in a cup" and Keli was trying hard to hold back the laughter!  Wasn't there a show way back maybe with Bill Cosby where he interviewed the kids and all the parents were embarrassed?  Ingram could be a great candidate for something like that!

After all the filming was completed, we stayed around for several more hours and played with our family.  Carley and Brett almost  had me talked into spending the night had it not been for a little sisterly love that included a hard tumble down a whole set of stairs which ended with a head in the door casing.  I won't mention which brown haired daughter needed an ice pack or which blond headed daughter got a stern talking to because they might get embarrassed.

Please pray for our friend Landan and his family.  We've written about him several times in the past few months and he's Ingram's first friend; now his condition has worsened in the past 24 hours and the family is asking for prayers for comfort and peace.  His parents are still praying for a miracle, but their goal right now is to keep him comfortable and pain free.  This is a situation that is excruciatingly hard on the family and is also difficult for those of us in the midst of our battles against cancer. 

Ingram Is Trying Out A New Look!
Not Really, It's Uncle Len's Wig!!

 Ingram Talking With Keli McAlister About "Being Hooked Up"
Which Means Having Fluids Running.

Madison Sitting All Prim And Proper While She Discusses Why
St. Jude Is So Important To Her. 

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