Sunday August 5th, Boy's Day!

Craig and Ingram headed to St. Jude this morning for his labs and I kept the girls with me at home.  Madison is looking better but we were giving her more time off before she absolutely has to do anything.  I think Ingram and Craig were excited about have a "boys day" at St. Jude and I was excited about taking the girls to do a few last minute errands before school starts tomorrow. 

While they were at SJ, of course I kept sending Craig messages about different things to check on for some reason.  Craig sent a picture with a message that said "He talks A LOT!" and I just started to laugh.  Actually Ingram talks NONSTOP and he also calls your name until you respond.  And if you don't respond, he'll actually grab your face and turn it to his and talk face to face.  They did labs, had lunch, and then went to get the results.  His counts came up and they were able to take the butterfly out (till Tuesday) which meant a bath was definite but that playtime in the pool was possible.

Once they got home, we skipped naptime and headed to the Murphy's pool and had tons of fun!  They had a decoy duck in the pool and Ingram played with it just about the whole time.  He also jumped off the brick wall into the pool with the girls a few times and he loved it!  We started hearing thunder and couldn't believe that our sunny playtime was about to end...much like our summer with school starting tomorrow. 

The girls are excited and ready to see their friends and begged for Ingram to go with me to take them to school.  They loved showing him off before just because; but now they love it even more because everyknows him.  Personally, I think they love his little bald head and they just want to show all their friends.  It's fun to rub his head and Ingram loves to "rub heads" with Daddy since they're both baldies!

Baldy and Shorty at St. Jude!

Love my baldies!!

Quack!! Quack!!

Future Olympians:  Tube Jumping

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