Friday August 31st, Still Celebrating!

The girls begged me to bring Ingram to lunch at school today so that their friends could see Ingram since his scans were clear.  Honestly, I just think they like how much of a rock start he is at the school with everyone wanting to give him dukes and say hi!  It's great though and they talked me into enduring the noise that comes along with lunch in the cafeteria.  At first Ingram was overwhelmed with all the noise and attention but about 10 minutes into it, he was better but still didn't eat anything while we were there and sat in my lap the whole time.  He did eat part of a fruit roll up, icing from a piece of cookie cake, and drank almost all his fruit punch so I guess that was good.

Ingram got a package delivered to Craig's office from someone from Wisconsin that we'd never even met!  It was a huge box filled with paraphenalia from all the different sports teams in the state.  There was a Green Bay Packers football jersey; Milwaukee Brewers t-shirt, hat, and tervis cup; a Cheese Head; a 4x Super Bowl Champions hand; a Watertown Jacket, and last but certainly not least a Bucky Badger Bobble Head.  A funny thing about the bobble head is that Ingram makes a face all the time and calls it a bobble head and he moves his head just like a bobble head; he and BB were doing it together tonight.  So Adams family, you made our day!

The girls both had things to do tonight and Ingram was happy to have Daddy all to himself in the pool!  Ingram at first was going to get in then changed his mind because it was cold; but, apparently Daddy got a hold of him and decided they were going to play in the pool anyway!!  He ended up playing in the pool with Daddy and then helping me inside the house too.  He even helped give Beau a bath today after he had his own bath.  Thankfully,  at 10pm tonight, he finally crashed for the night even though he said he wasn't tired yet!

Lunch With Lindsey, Also Known As Peanut!

Lunch With Madison, Also Known As Monkey!

"No daddy, it's cold!!!"


So This Is A Little Unfair! 
Craig Just Hit The Cheese Head With The "Bop It's" And Went In For The Gut Shot!

Part Of The Wisconsin Treats!!

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