Saturday and Sunday August 25th and 26th, Water and More Water!

Wow!  I think I'm just not sitting down for the first time this weekend and it makes me so happy; happy because we've been having soooooo much fun and now I'm feeling the exhaustion starting to kick in!  We were basically in the water all weekend long, but not all of it was pool water...

We were sleeping so well Saturday morning then I think my alarm clock (I've affectionately named him Ingram) woke up and once again I realized it was time to get rolling to get the girls to soccer on time.  We loaded the car and realized it's sprinkling; no biggie, a little sprinkles will be nice for the yard.  A few minutes later, it started really raining and it continued to pour for their entire hour and a half practice!!  When we got to practice to pick the girls up, they were flat on their backs with about 50 other kids doing sit-ups in the rain; I love it!!!  They apparently started out practice diving on their bellies to "get over" the fact that it was raining.  For as much as they complained, I know they loved it because of the smiles on their faces when I picked them up. 

Since we were already drenched, we decided to have a pool party with fellow soccer pals to celebrate playing in the rain.  Even Ingram jumped in with them and was going to swim until he realized how freezing cold the water was...and still is today!  They literally spent all day in the water (rain and pool) even with it only in the 70's for much of the time.  Once we got them dry though, I think they were pretty happy...till they got in the water again with our neighbors.  In between all the pool time for Saturday, Craig and Mr. David were working on the yard again and I trying to get the sprinklers to work right again.  Unfortunately Mr. David and Miss Laurie had to leave at the end of the night and didn't get to see the sprinkler system mystery solved. 

Saturday night was super special!  Our dear friends, Shad and Veronica Berry, invited us to a show their family (there are 8 adult siblings involved in this with all their kids) put together as a benefit to St. Jude.  One of their brothers is battling cancer and this benefit is a way that they can all do something for him and others with cancer.  They also showed the "Team Ingram" video and Shad told a little of our story and it was a very sweet evening.  Afterwards, Ingram and the girls were stars again and were able to talk to people about Ingram and St. Jude. 

Sunday morning, we headed to St. Jude to get poked and Ingram did a little renaming on the side.  He decided that he was changing his port (surgically implanted thingie that all his meds run through when it's accessed) from a lion to a dinosaur.  He said he wanted to stick with another animal that roars so I went with it; he even went as far to say that it was Little Foot from The Land Before Time.  Now as far as his butterfly (the needle that he gets poked with to access his port) goes, he named it Beau after Beau our dog.  For as mischievous as Beau is, he holds a special spot in our hearts and will probably always have a home because of how much Ingram loves him no matter what kind of trouble he causes.  Ingram's counts were okay, some were just hovering around, but we're good till Tuesday.  We kept him accessed today so he'd have one less poke this week and he liked the sound of that too.  He's great though when he gets poked and didn't even cry today; for being 3 (and a half he always adds) he acts better than me when I have to get a poke!

We came home and brought chaos with us;  sometimes all we can do it go nutty to relieve stress so off to the pool I go to throw Madison in.  She tried to go to Grumpypalosiaville and I had to get her back on track.  Next up, Lindsey needed to be taught the same lesson on what could happen if they decided to be grouchy with each other.  It wasn't all that successful because while I was throwing her in, Craig came in behind me and sent me sailing as well.  Oh well, at least there were no grouchies anymore!  When Craig was taking a picture of the three of us drenched in our clothes, Lindsey decided to start leaning and so did Madison and we all wound up in the water again.  Those two girls definitely take after their mischievous Daddy!!

Marlon and Jackie came over after all the chaos ended only to stir up more; they were in the pool with the girls and had so much fun!  After swimming, we had dinner and then attempted to read the Tickle Monster.  I say attempt because we didn't get to far into the book because there was just too much tickling to be had.  The other reason we had to end early was that it was a school night and already 9pm.  Beau also decided that with all the attention that the girls and Ingram were getting that he wanted some too...from Marlon...and it wasn't the kind of attention that anyone would want!!  Needless Beau got sent outside after we quit laughing while Beau was trying to befriend Marlon's leg!!  Oh my, do you see why I'm just now sitting down???

Swimming In The Rain With Emily, Collin, Anna, CeCe, Madison, Lindsey, Ingram, and Beau!

Trust Me!
Those Little Stinkers Get 100% Of Their Mischievousness From Their Daddy!!

Swimming With Marlon and Jackie!

Please continue to pray for our sweet friend Landan and his family.
Today, they realized he was in pain and have increased his medicines to keep him comfortable.
 I'm also putting a picture of Landan taken while he was still living at the Ronald McDonald House
so that you can see who you're praying for.

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend, despite the freezing pool! Can you imagine how nice and warm it will be next summer? :-)