Monday August 27th, Feed Me!!!

Today has been pretty uneventful for Ingram.  He was in his pajamas until the girls got home from school; the only reason we changed them was because I saw tacos on them from last night.  He would have been plenty happy to just keep them on! 

Ingram has been on an appetite stimulant and I've got to say it's working!  He's eaten so much over the last few days that his stomach is actually sticking out.  Now I always get disappointed when he gets weighed even after I think he's eaten a lot because I'm looking for 15.0kg (pre-surgery weight in April) and have only gotten it on fluids (false hope I call it).  Tomorrow's going to be different and I'm sure he's at least more than the 14.2kg that he normally is so anything other than that and I'm a happy mommy.

Here's just an idea of what all he's had at different times today.  Yellow gatorade with his medicine in it (I know, I'm sooo bad!) and chocolate chip mini muffins for breakfast, chex mix for a snack, huge bowl of green peas and rice and a piece of "cow" cheese and more gatorade for lunch, more muffins and mild for a snack, more chex mix and gatorade with medicine in it for an afternoon snack, more chex mix before we picked up Madison from soccer and a juice box for another snack.  Dinner is the craziest part; eggs, toast, peas and rice, another juice box, and a green popsicle.  I'm sure I've missed something that he's eaten, but you get the jist.  Now granted he didn't eat every bite of everything offered (except for the cheese and chex mix), but he ate soooo much today and has been eating like this for days!!

Oh, so keep your eyes peeled for a super fun gift coming soon for the girls in your life!!  One of our college friends is designing some super fun hair bows, clips, headbands, and broaches in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month which is September.  She's been talking to the girls and Ingram about their favorite colors and will have them ready to sell soon!  I'm not sure how it will work yet, but the proceeds will go to St. Jude and we're soooo excited!! As soon as they're ready, we'll post pictures and put a link to her store so you can order them for your daughters, mothers, sisters, nieces, neighbors, friends, teachers, and anyone else you want to!

This Is How Our Day Starts Just About Every Day!
The Funny Thing About Today Is That He's Using Beau's Leash As A Seatbelt
To Make Sure He Doesn't Fall Out Of The Swing.

The Famous Mixture Of Peas And Rice!!!

A Friend Sent This Today And Made Me Smile!!
This Is Ingram As A Monster At Halloween After He Had Turned One.
He's Wore Footie Fleece Pajamas And Ran All Around The Cove Where We Were Eating Dinner With Neighbors.
Check Out Those Cheeks!!!

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  1. Texas had those same monster jammies!!!

    I can't wait to see these bows. Count me in for a set.