Saturday and Sunday August 11th and 12th, Non-Stop Weekend Fun!!

We literally didn't stop this weekend except for when we were sleeping.  I decided to walk through our weekend and then show a ton of pictures.  The weekend was super fun and we all enjoyed being off and not having to go back to St. Jude for anything.  I tried to make it shorter, but we just had too much fun over 48 hours to leave stuff out!

Saturday morning we went on a walk that turned out to be a 3 hour visit with neighbors playing out front with everyone and then on a back porch with super cool Cars toys.  Then we headed off to see Mae (Ingram's favorite gal pal at St. Jude) and her family.  Oh... and on the way, Ingram said he was hungry and we went by and got lunch.  He ate 6 nuggets I think!!  Those six nuggets stayed down and were the most that he had eaten in the previous 48 hours and it was on one time too!  We were super exicted about that if you can't tell. 

Once we got to Mae's place, all the kids were so happy; Mae has two sisters, and of course so does Ingram, and they all swam and played together for about 3 hours.  They were having raft races, water shooting contests, and dumping what seemed like the entire pool on my head (well at least one of my children did who will remain nameless...but she's just as mischievious as her Daddy and has brown hair and eyes just like him too).  The dads also took all the kids on a ride around the property in a jeep type cart that they just loved.  Ingram got back and said they went through a spooky forrest with the biggest smile and the craziest voice ever!  Saturday night was homemade pizza night and the kids did an excellent job making the pizzas.  They didn't eat a bunch, but they were happy nonetheless.  

Sunday morning we made it to church and went into the service as a family.  Ingram was a bit shy because it was the first big place where he had been since he has been bald, not counting St. Jude.  He also wore his mask since germs are already getting out and his counts are on the way down.  They did labs inbetween chemo and his ANC had already dropped from 1600 to 900 just after the first dose... so I'm pretty certain when we go back Tuesday for labs it'll be either at 0 or very close to it.  He fell asleep in my arms while we were singing and then once we sat down he continued to sleep for another 20 minutes or so. 

When he woke up, he started getting upset and wanted to go back home.  Once he calmed down and we were driving home once again, he said "I'm hungry!" and we pulled into the closest chicken nugget place there was.  With all these drugs and everything that Ingram's going through and not having any appetite, if he says that he's hungry we go "super fast" as he says and get food for him.  The girls would get mad at first, but now I think they enjoy it too and they're such good helpers when it comes to convincing him to eat too. 

Sunday afternoon was soooo much fun too!  Mr. and Mrs. Tate live next door and they're such fun neighbors to have;  of course, you can't beat the fact that they own the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream shops here in town.  Mr. Tate had the ice cream truck out for a special event and stopped by our house before he headed back to the shop.  We were drawing on the window when he pulled into the driveway and Ingram's jaw about fell off when he saw it!!  Mr. Tate even dropped down the ice cream cart and let Ingram pick from 8 flavors I think; he picked Lemonade sorbet which is my personal favorite too.  Of course, it was the healthiest one in the box but maybe we'll get some extra fat and calories another time.

Craig and the girls weren't here for Ben and Jerry's, but they were having plenty of their own ice cream at the Rowlands' house.  The Rowland family, the ones that are at the beginning of this story and all throughout, are headed to the Dominican Republic this week to start a dental clinic.  They had a party for their kids and their friends with an ice cream truck and two huge inflatable water thingies.  After Ingram's nap and Ben and Jerry's ice cream visit, we headed over to play with everyone too.  Ingram at first wanted to go down the slides and play until Craig put him up there; he didn't realize how big it was and changed his mind to jumping on the bottom with the sweetest little 4 year old girl Ally.  She just happened to be the daughter of college friends of ours and had been praying for Ingram for months and finally met him.  We were watching from behind the trees as they were talking to each other;  it was the cutest thing!

The girls have such sweet friends!
Here are several of them having a lemonade and sno cone stand Saturday raising money for St. Jude!
Winn, Lindsey, Madison, Mae, Lucy, and Ingram
This was at the end of playing for 4 hours and they were still all smiling!!!
Homemade pizza night!
And yes, they all worked together...for the most of it anyway!

If a bald headed father and son doesn't draw attention,
I'm thinking the blue monkey sunglasses and bright blue/green mask definitely do!

Mr. and Mrs. Tate and the Ben and Jerry's truck made a special delivery at our house!
Stop in and see them at the store; tell them you saw him on the blog!
No discount guaranteed, but you'll meet a big hearted man and have a great conversation for sure!
Ally and Ingram talking about how old they are. 
Of course he sticks to his "older woman"philosophy!
Let's see...Mae (6), Meriel (5), and Ally (4)

Oh yeah; he's just that good!
His charm overtakes even the youngest of gals!

Still together after 20 minutes!
They haven't been more than a few feet apart since they met; pretty cute!

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