Saturday August 4th, Energy Surplus!!

Saturday morning started out with a bang!  We woke up to the normal "Mommy!" from the sweetest 3 year old voice in the world.  The only problem was that we all overslept and it was already 8:15am.  We were supposed to be at the St. Jude Heroes Kick-off  by 8:45am and it was about 20 minutes away.  Craig, Lindsey, and Ingram made it out the door in 15 minutes and I headed out about 10 minutes after that.  Madison was sad to not make it because she was asked to speak to the group, but her Croup just wasn't under control yet. 

Since Madison couldn't make it, they showed the Team Ingram video and then Craig and Ingram got up and talked for a few minutes.  Lindsey was a bit shy and wanted to stay at the table with me, but she slowly made her way to the front and entertained Ingram while Craig talked.  It was pretty funny though because Ingram was in his regular hyper mode then you add the extra energy boost from the blood tranfusion, and he was pretty much bouncing off the walls with as much energy as he had! 

When it was over, it was like he was a celebrity!  Afterwards people who were already excited to be running as a St. Jude Hero were getting more excited.  There were several people that were standing around to meet Ingram, to talk with us about our experience at St. Jude so far, and to take pictures with Ingram.  I was so proud of my little man and Craig too who did a great job at an unplanned talk in front of everyone. 

Ingram's energy didn't end there, he played all day long with Lindsey since Madison was off limits.  They even made up a tennis game in our bedroom with Beau's leash tied up as their tennis net.  They had some miniature paddles and ball that came from a kids meal and were hitting over their "net"; I guess they get creative when it's too hot for Ingram to play outside! 

After it had cooled down, Ingram still had tons of energy and was wanting to ride his scooter.  We went on a little walk and he decided he wanted to go for longer walk, so we all headed out including Madison for a family walk down the street.  Our walk ended with Madison, Lindsey, and Craig jumping in a neighbors pool in their clothes and Ingram standing with me in the steps.  He still has his butterfly in so he couldn't swim, but jumping around on the top step made him plenty happy. 

We head back in to SJ in the morning to check his labs and see how his platelets and hemoglobin are shaping up.  He was borderline for a platelet transfusion on Friday when we did the blood transfusion but our doctors were giving him a couple more days to see if they'd go up on their own.  Hopefully, all his labs will be good and his butterfly will come out tomorrow even if it's just for two days till we go back in on Tuesday. 

Here's one of my favorite part of the video.
Our three kids are in this together!
Who needs a tennis court when you've got a dog leash,
a coat hanger/tennis shoe combo, and a closet door??
Plus with that fan, they're definitely not getting hot!
Our three cuties!!

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