Thursday August 16th, Warning: Do Not Read If You Have A Weak Stomach!!

Today's post is all about throw up, so be warned, it's kinda gross but mainly funny!  It definitely would not be part of a book about manners and etiquette.  But, it's our reality...

Ingram is a professional when it comes to the art of throwing up!  We carry Tupperware buckets in the car and keep them around the house; yes, we dump them out then wash them out regularly!  I keep our blue hospital "barf bags" in my purse and backpacks so that whenever we need them, we have them. Please keep in mind that this happens all the time now and we make the best of it. 

So here come the Dismuke funnies about throw-up!

Typically Ingram throws up if his stomach isn't coated with his nausea medicine which he gets three times a day like clockwork.  His chemotherapy makes his throw up off and on for about two weeks right after he gets it.  His gag reflex is crazy now and makes him throw up about half the time when he eats and then sometimes he just throws up because he thinks he's going to.  I guess he's just silly like his Daddy with the self-fulfilling kind of thought process.

This morning was definitely a crazy kind of start to the day.  Craig headed off to work as normal with the rest of us still snoozing in bed; then I got up and showered then the girls got up.  Ingram slept till after 8 which was great since he was the one still calling my name at 10pm last night!  Madison headed to school and I took Lindsey to the doctor and Ingram tagged along with us.  Lindsey had been coughing and complaining for a while now and I figured the only way to finally get rid of the complaining was to take her to the doctor.  The car ride there was "fun" because Ingram started throwing up;  Lindsey was in the back seat with her ears plugged and her eyes squeezed shut as much as she could.  It was great though because when Ingram was done he shouted (he had on earphones watching a movie) ..."Look!!! Lemonade!!"... because he had been drinking lemonade in his sippy cup.  Then he shouted ..."Crunchies!!"...because he was eating veggie sticks which he calls crunchies.  Lindsey was getting all grossed out in the back so we were making fun of her and saying lemonade and crunchies over and over again.  It was great!!

Ingram thought it was fun to take pictures of Lindsey while she was getting everything checked, especially her ears.  At SJ, we're always finding dinosaurs or Thomas the Train or the Octonauts inhis ears.  Luckily Lindsey's ears were free from everything.  He jumped up on the scale before Lindsey could get there and weighed 14 kg which means he's lost more weight putting him at 30.8 pounds which I'm not too excited about.  Turns out I'm a horrible mom...Peanut has bronchitis and we've been ignoring her cough for days thinking she just wanted some attention.  Hey, it's happened before in the craziness of our house and I wasn't convinced she was sick, at least not till Dr. Ellis said she was.  Guess I'm glad he's the one with the medical degree!!

We took Daddy lunch since we were out of the house anyway and ran into the Orthodontist too since we'd already been out.  Ingram wore his mask the whole time and was so sweet to give everyone he saw an "Ingram the Conqueror" green band.  Then we talk as he gives them away and he gets excited that someone else can wear his name.  Then we headed home and of course the kids painted the windows again and we're almost out of available windows they can use.  Oh and Ingram decided that he didn't like his lunch after all and he threw-up everything he ate for lunch so now he weighs even less.  Oh well, I guess this is not our week to gain weight.  Tomorrow will be a better day has to be! 

Dr. Ellis Checking Out Peanut's Ears!
She Always Smiles...Even When She Feels Miserable!!

Ingram and Dr. Ellis!
One Phone Call From Dr. Ellis On Tuesday April 3rd Changed Our Lives Forever!

These Painted Windows Match Our Curtains In The Kitchen...Sorta!

These Are The Doors That Go From The Den To The Living Room!
There's No Way These Match...But My Crew Did It And I Love It!!

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