Tuesday August 21st, More Energy...Seriously?!?!

So when I said yesterday that Ingram was back to full blown energy, I might have been wrong.  I think he increased it today to an even more full blown energy level if that's possible.  He was running around the hospital talking to everyone and having fun.  Of course, when I told him "NO" to one of his requests, he promptly threw a fit just like a two year old; once he was done, he wiped his tears, looked around to see if the fit worked, then continued to run around the hospital having fun.  

Our day started out in the lab; I heard him talking to the girls in the lab talking about how he had grown since Tuesday.  Granted he didn't grow on the scale at all, but when it came time to draw his labs, he told me he didn't need my help because he was such a big boy.  The girls just started laughing and I just left the room and let him do his thing.  We went to see the dogs next and ended up seeing our friend Mae and her sister Winn.  The dogs apparently made Ingram a little hungry so we camped out in the cafeteria and ate chex mix until it was time for our clinic appointment. 

In the Clinic, we were able to find out that he was doing okay labwise; he's still hanging around the low side of things but definitely bouncing back from chemo and so we discussed the next stage in treatment.  We're still checking labs every few days and will also have another MRI and spinal tap next Thursday the 30th.  Depending on those results and Ingram's counts, we might possibly start his third round of chemo that Friday and just run it over Labor Day Weekend.  Until we see the labs, MRI, and tap results, it's all just a tentative plan for when the round will start. 

We also got to meet NASCAR driver Jeremy Clements!  He was such a nice man and truly seemed interested in Ingram's battle; Ingram gave him one of his green wristbands and he put it on immediately.  I love it when Ingram gives people bands and they put them on before they even know what it is; it's also super cute to hear Ingram explaining what it is...he always tells them to pray for him!  Jeremy is racing for the first time this coming Friday with the St. Jude logo on his car and it looks like Daddy might be investing in some heavy duty earplugs for our little man to make a roadtrip!!

By the time we got home, he was even more excited; Mr. David was back at the house for the afternoon and was going to stay with him while I went to the grocery.  Ingram said that Mr. David needed a babysitter and he would make sure Mr. David behaved while I was gone.  Ingram didn't take a nap today and instead played with Mr. David and Beau all afternoon.  Apparently we need to put Mr. David on the payroll and let Ingram babysit him more often! 

Needless to say, Ingram had no problem going to bed tonight and was asleep before Madison and Craig got home from Madison's soccer game...of which her team won!  Oh..almost forgot...Madison got recognized on "One Girl One Voice" for her work this summer telling folks about Ingram and the work at St. Jude and raising money for Cancer Research at St. Jude.  The link is below and it celebrates how one girl can make a difference!  Way to Go, Madison!


"But Mommy, I Don't Need You To Sit With Me.
I'm A Big Boy!  Remember?"

Ingram And NASCAR's Jeremy Clements
Guess We'll Be Making A Trip To The Tracks Soon!
So Immediately After Mr. David Took This Picture And Sent It to Craig,
I Got The News That No One Was Supposed To Be In The Pool Yet. 
The Funny Thing About That Was That When Jay Talked To Craig He Said...
"...I Can See Ingram And Beau Swimming Around In The Water When I Come Over..."
Wrong!  It's Mommy and Ingram!!

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  1. The pool, the racecar driver, the chex mix... all the ingredients for a great day!!

    So jealous of the pool...