Wednesday August 8th, Special Guests!

We had a relatively good night last night despite sleeping off and on in the hospital.  Ingram did a great job during the night with all his nurse visits and managed to wake up with his normal smile!  He even woke up hungry and ready for his pancakes that we brought from home.  He ate 6 mini-pancakes and then was ready for his bag of Lays chips.  Then it was time to start chemo and there went his appetite for the day...

He did great with the drugs and even had super fun visitors!  Sarah and Brokke came by to see us and brought some fun stuff to do; we painted and played with Mae and her mom also.  Then Pops was in town so he stopped by and painted with Ingram as well.  They mixed colors and painted a rabbit river monster robot and it was pretty sweet.  Are youto starting to see a pattern??

Daddy also came up and we were so excited that he could sneak away for a little bit.  After we played in the playroom with him, we rolled downstairs to get our lunch; it was definitely more fun than eating in the room...just don't tell anyone we actually rolled down on our iv pole; we tend to get in trouble when our floor nurses see us doing it.  After lunch we came back up and had a two hour nap.  When we got up, we walked around more and played in the playroom more then watched another movie in our room.

Then the best thing happened...Madison and Lindsey came running in our room and then it was all chaos for about 45 minutes.  Daddy and the girls had gone to get some painting supplies for tomorrow for Ingram and Mae and they were so happy to see us.  We borrowed some window paints (we've never seen these and they're really cool; we will definitely request these next time we go inpatient from Child Life) and decorated Ingram's window with all sorts of stuff.  He and the girls stood on top of my bed, okay so it's really the couch, and let their artistic juices flow!  We knew it couldn't last forever and they had to head back home to start getting ready for bed; seeing Craig, Madison, and Lindsey was great for both of us and we can't wait to get back home...maybe tomorrow night!!

Breakfast of Champions!

Brokke and Ingram making their funny faces!
I think it's Ingram's Sharkface with Brokke's tongue addition!

This is our sweet friend Mae! 
It's almost like they've know each other for a long time and can't be separated (at least from Ingram's side).
When he see's Mae or her mom, he just starts to holler "Mae, Mae, Mae" in the loudest voice ever!

Window Paints....These have got to be the best invention ever!!!

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