Monday August 6th, Not Your Ordinary Monday!

The girls started 3rd and 5th grade this morning and Ingram was so excited to take his girls to school.  He was walking the halls and people were giving his dukes and hi-fives and coming up and talking to us.  The girls were so pumped about him being there and showing him off too.  More than likely, this is the only time he'll be in the school due to the whole germ factor.  Luckily for today, his counts are good and the school isn't infested with all the normal school kid germs yet.  I feel certain germs will make it home, but we'll just have to wash wash wash when the nasties are going around and deal with what comes our way. 

Ingram also got to play at a friends house while I went to lunch with other 5th grade moms and he had so much fun.  He's already talking about what he's going to do next time I leave him with a friend.  Guess he wasn't too sad about being without Mommy (or Daddy or Mimi or G-Mommy or Aunt Amye) for the first time since April when this all started.  A couple mornings during soccer camp,  a neighbor over for an hour while I took the girls to soccer, but those don't count because he was alseep one morning and watched cartoons the next time.  Anyway, I didn't cry either when I left him, but sure was excited to get back to him!

The afternoon was loaded with fun at Craig's office.  Someone at Vining Sparks made a challenge to the guys to shave their heads for Ingram and to donate money.  Seventeen guys stepped up and shaved their heads, yes I said 17!  And these guys are business guys who often have to visit customers and go to conferences and, well, look professional.  Ingram even shaved part of most of them and he was having a blast!!  The sincerity and compassion and genuineness of each one of them touched my heart and Craig's too.  The girls couldn't go to bed tonight until they saw all the pictures of each of them getting their hair cut and then having their own picture with Ingram.  The best thing was when each guy said at some point to Ingram "I did this for you" and he would just smile from ear to ear.  These guys are awesome!!

We left the office to beat the girls off the bus only to find out that Jayden, one of the first boys that we had played with at St. Jude, had passed away today.  He was going through radiation at the same time as we were in May and June and finished just like us.  When we came back from our month off, they also came back to St. Jude, but their trip was not planned.  It was then that they were told that Jayden's cancer had come back yet again and the doctors only had an experimental chemo for him to take as the other treatments hadn't worked on his tumor.  This afternoon Jayden and his family lost his battle with Cancer.  Now we will have another talk with our kids about cancer, the kind of talk that no one should have to have with their kids.

Ingram wasn't about to miss out on the first day of school! 
More importantly, his girls wouldn't dare miss the opportunity to show off their little man!

Since his girls were at school, Ingram decided to play with Beau!
I guess I mean, he decided to catch him in the laundry basket.
He's a 25 pound Cockapoo inside a laundry basket; what is going through his mind right now?

Beau didn't think it was funny for Ingram to catch him in the laundry basket.
But Ingram sure thought it was funnny when Beau caught him in the laundry basket!!!
The best part of this was that even after Beau got down, Ingram stayed under the basket!

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