Tuesday August 7th, Inpatient Again!

This morning after the girls went to school, Ingram did not try to catch Beau in the laundry basket.  Instead, he wanted to take Beau on a walk which was so sweet.  Poor Beau has been in his crate a lot lately since the guys are doing some major work in the backyard.  Over the past few days, they've built the frame for the decking around the pool and today they poured the concrete.  You can imagine how upset the kids would be if Beau had become a permanent part of the deck, so we've been keeping him either inside or in his crate. 

Ingram was lightning fast on our walk because he didn't walk at all; he flew on his scooter and I was literally running to make sure I was close enough to catch him in case he fell.  I know, I've become a protective momma and I've never been one of those!  While we were on our walk I was thinking about what our nurses had told me about chemo and what factors into when they decide to do the next round.  It had to do with counts mainly, but also with energy, appetite, etc.  So as I watched him, I was thinking that when we go in today, it'll be time to start over again...and I was right.  All his counts were great, his appetite was better, energy was better, so it was time to go for round two. 

Since I'm talking about what all I have been thinking, another thought that I've been struggling with for a while is that I feel guilty that Ingram is doing so well so far while other kids aren't.  I know every kid is different and how they react to the drugs is different, but Ingram hasn't lost anything other than his hair for the most part (if we don't count his appetite and weight).  He still has planty of energy and still is a ladies man and still never meets a stranger and still tries to keep up with his sisters.  Then I see other kids and their bodies have been through so much and they're just exhausted.  I know that Ingram will most likely not do this well and have this much energy in the future and I am very grateful that he's done as well as he has and I know that I shouldn't feel guilty about this, but I just do.

We had a five hour break between our last appointment and our admission so we went home and Ingram took a pretty long nap that started at 3:30 this afternoon.  Needless to say, after getting to our room at 8:30pm, he managed to watch Kung Fu Panda (the movie) and finally fell asleep at 10:45 tonight.  His chemo will start at 8am tomorrow and will finish Friday morning I think.  During our hiatis at home, the girls made cookies and Daddy made it home from work; sweet Daddy didn't get our message that we'd been delayed a bit and he was trying to race home to meet the girls off the bus.  He's on his own for the next couple days with them and personally I think the girls are super excited about having Daddy time!  There's no telling what all they're going to do after school but I know they're going to have fun.

Speaking of fun, we're going to have fun up here too!  Our sweet friend Mae was also admitted today for her round of chemo and we were  hoping we'd be in at the same time again; it just makes it more fun to be stuck in the hospital with a friend.  As soon as Ingram got to the floor, he started looking for her and then we found her right next door!  I think the nurses already have us on their "watch list" to make sure we follow the rules because we're also right by the desk; hopefully though they don't know that we let them ride around on their iv poles because it's just faster.  They keep telling us something about a safety hazard, but I'm thinking, we're already at the hospital so bandages and  stuff is closeby anyway right?

Life is Good!

What better way to wait on the doctors?
We love the volunteers that get stuff out for us to do!
My new favorite afternoon spot in the backyard!
I'm thinking maybe next week, I can watch the kids play in the water from my spot!!

I told Ingram that it was bedtime at 10pm and he just started laughing!
I guess that's what I get when he naps from 3:30 to 6pm. 
Oh well, at least he's happy right?

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